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Integrated product marking and coding solutions

Markem-Imaje is the world’s leading product identification supplier, providing the best and most complete service offering based on inkjet, thermal transfer, and print and apply systems.

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Markem-Imaje is the world’s leading product identification supplier, providing the best and most complete service offering based on inkjet, thermal transfer, and print and apply systems.

With many years of experience, Markem-Imaje delivers fully integrated solutions that enable product quality and safety, regulatory and retailer compliance, better product recalls and improved manufacturing processes.

Markem-Imaje provides more than 40,000 customers worldwide with optimal product marking and coding solutions through 30 dedicated subsidiaries and over 60 distributors and over 300 local field service technicians offer our customers with customised service and support around the globe.

A total of 2,800 employees apply seven coding technologies, and more than 300 engineers work in six global technology centres; there are also logistics and repair centres worldwide.

Over 40,000 customers worldwide rely on optimal product marking and coding solutions provided by Markem-Imaje.
Markem-Imaje 9000 series small-character continuous inkjet printers are the most flexible on the market.
Markem-Imaje’s range of thermal transfer overprinters delivers high-quality printing on flexible packaging films, foils and labels.
The Markem-Imaje SmartLase series of laser coders uses patented dot matrix technology.
Markem-Imaje’s high resolution, small-character inkjet printers and high resolution, large-character inkjet printers offer outstanding print quality.
The 2000 series print and apply labelling system has won both the iF and Red Dot awards for its exceptional design.

A new market approach

Markem-Imaje has built a new sales and product strategy aimed at meeting the specific needs of each industrial sector including: food, beverage, cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment and electronics, cables, tubes and profiles. This vertical approach enables the company to offer fully tailored solutions that take into account manufacturers’ industrial constraints, and their demands for quality, performance and innovation.

From dairy products to biscuits, and cakes to chocolate and sugar confectionery, the food market expects quality codes, robust equipment adapted to demanding environments (low temperatures, humidity, dust). Some applications require printing directly onto the food, or to code and score simultaneously for an easier opening of the packaging. Large messages can also be printed such as full nutritional labelling or ingredient lists in several languages.

The beverage market is mostly characterised by the high speed of bottling lines and very demanding environments. In some cases, marking on PET must be contrasted at high output rates up to 1,200 products a minute. Some bottlers also want codes that can be washed in the case of returnable bottles.

An incomparable product line

All Markem-Imaje products are simple to use and maintain, and the research and engineering teams are constantly working to anticipate future coding needs and deliver increased performance with lower cost of ownership. Technological innovation aims to optimise the life of equipment as well as integration into an industrial environment. From retail pack to pallet load, Markem-Imaje delivers market-leading solutions, from a unique portfolio of coding and labelling technologies, including:

  • small character inkjet: answers every product marking and coding need (food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cable, automotive)
  • thermal transfer overprinting: high-quality coding for flexible packaging and labelling
  • laser coding: fast, permanent marking of cartons,
  • PET and glass packaging
  • large character inkjet: high-resolution hot melt and liquid ink printers (piezo or valve-jet) for shipping case coding or personalisation
  • print and apply labelling: thermal transfer print quality plus a wide range of label application techniques for cases, shrink-wraps and pallets
  • software: for message creation and printing
  • equipment management
  • consumables: inks, additives, ribbons and labels.

A unique service offering

When purchasing Markem-Imaje equipment, customers gain access to a technical team of 700 on-site experts around the world. Markem-Imaje specialists ensure that packaging lines are productive, coding costs are controlled and the investment is protected over the entire printer lifecycle.

Markem-Imaje can help before, during and after the sale with an offering based on a three-pillar philosophy.


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Markem-Imaje has over 95 years of experience as a trusted manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of reliable and innovative inkjet, thermal transfer and laser printers, print and apply label systems, and RFID-based systems.

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