BLUE™ is a cloud-based software platform from Schawk that delivers a set of global capabilities to help brand-driven organizations control and manage all brand development and brand deployment activities. This enables organizations to bring products to market faster with greater accuracy, at lower cost.

A cloud-based brand management solution

BLUE’s fully integrated suite of web-based enterprise software solutions deliver the benefits of graphics collaboration, workflow management, digital asset management and graphics lifecycle management. BLUE encompasses dynamic and scalable modules for Digital Asset Management (DAM), OnLine Proofing (OLP), Copy Management (CMS) and Lifecycle Management (LCM). In addition, its Intelligent Performance Management (IPM) module provides comprehensive e-reporting capabilities.

BLUE stores and organizes information in a configurable and secure system that is built according to the business processes and specific graphics workflows of an organization. Designed with an intuitive user interface, BLUE runs from within a web browser, making it simple to use, and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Key advantages realized by implementing a BLUE solution include:

BLUE is a cloud-based software platform for brand management.
Use BLUE to streamline the proofing process and increase quality.
Schawk’s BLUE software revolutionizes workflow, collaboration, digital asset management, artwork management and graphics lifecycle management.
  • Central location, globally, where all users can be confident they will find the latest, approved version of an asset
  • Reduced re-creation costs due to easy search and download of approved assets
  • Formalized and collaborative communication for approval cycles
  • Electronic record of comments, approvals and rejections
  • Full and auditable version control of all assets
  • Identification of process improvement opportunities through reporting of trends and performance statistics
  • Increased visibility and accountability
  • Increased speed to market

Scalable asset management

BLUE has been designed to be used regionally but deployed globally. As a scalable solution, BLUE grows as business and assets grow, making it a cost-effective IT investment. Whether your organization is a mid-size business requiring digital asset management and simple artwork management routing for approval, or a multi-national organization with hundreds of brands, BLUE can be deployed to meet your requirements for digital asset management, artwork management, workflow management and more. Its functions for collaboration and graphics lifecycle management can be deployed individually or as a suite.

Additionally, we offer a highly configurable product that enables clients to maintain and expand the system internally and with minimal IT involvement. Additional business units, brands and users can be added, process changes can be made and new processes can be added, all with minimal IT involvement and support.

Brand management for highly regulated industries

Our validation package – which allows for the controlled implementation of our BLUE technology – has been designed to meet the highest standards within highly regulated and validated environments. It helps our clients – including many of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide – efficiently maintain compliance with both internal policies and government regulations.

BLUE – and Schawk’s validated implementation of BLUE – adheres to predefined SILC (system implementation life cycle) procedures, which lay out the step-by-step processes of planning, designing, building, testing, training and deployment, and yield the proper documented evidence, which provides a high degree of assurance that BLUE will function according to the requirements set forth. The result is a system that enables clients to adhere and adapt to FDA, EMEA and other government regulations regarding audits, system validations, audit trails, electronic signatures, documentation and more.

For consumer products companies and pharmaceutical/life sciences companies seeking stronger shopper and consumer experiences with their brands and products, Schawk’s BLUE provides software that revolutionizes workflow, collaboration, digital asset management, artwork management and graphics lifecycle management.