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Self-Standing Bags, Printed Rewind and Paper Sacks

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Detmold Industrial Packaging is a leader in the field of SOS bags and printed rewind, supplying quality product printed in up to eight colours for the food industry, to be packaged for retail markets. In recent years, the division has added paper sacks to its range to supplement its existing bag business. With the focus on quality and service together with the company’s printed capability this product range will grow considerably in the future.

The Detmold Industrial product range can be broadly classified into paper bags, ranging from small flat bags through to self-standing bags to hold 500g to 20kg; paper and multi-layer sacks to hold 10kg to 50kg; plain and printed rewind for form, fill and seal equipment; paper rolls and sheets; and numerous speciality products.

Flat and satchel paper bags

Detmold Industrial’s flat and satchel bags offer cost-effective packaging solutions or very specialised applications. These include can-end bags, satchel baler bags and window bread bags, as well as sterilising bags produced from medical barrier paper, which allows steam and air to pass through under pressure, yet stops bacterial penetration under normal atmospheric conditions.

Self-standing and shelf-ready paper bags

Detmold Industrial Packaging is the major supplier of self-standing bags in Australia and a key supplier in the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East and South Africa. Our self-standing bags range from 500g to 20kg in capacity. With six separate printing faces on the bag, self-standing bags provide maximum branding opportunities and retail shelf appeal while improving shelf-space and pallet utilisation. Examples of ideal products to package include flour, sugar, bread mix, pet litter and charcoal products.

Detmold Industrial Packaging is a leading provider of self-standing bags, printed rewind and paper sacks.
Our self-standing bags range from 500g to 20kg in capacity.
Detmold Industrial's flat and satchel bags offer cost-effective packaging solutions.
Detmold Industrial supplies a wide range of rewind, rolls and sheets for food packaging.
We produce sacks in various sizes, dimensions and constructions that can hold up to 50kg of product.

Paper sacks and multi-wall paper sacks

The group has two dedicated manufacturing sites producing sacks in various sizes, dimensions and constructions that can hold up to 50kg of product. Various valves and closing mechanisms are additional capabilities within the sack range.

Being a key supplier, Detmold Industrial’s sacks are sold to bulk producers of food, sugar, flour, cement, construction chemicals, minerals, animal feed and dry ingredients.

Paper rewind, rolls and sheets for food packaging

Supported by the group’s extensive printing, slitting and sheeting capabilities, Detmold Industrial supplies a wide range of plain and printed rewind and rolls and sheets. These include wraps for butter and dairy products, rewind for sugar bags and coated food wraps.

Valve self-standing bags, pallet liners and heat-sealable window bags

Many innovations have been brought to the market by Detmold Industrial Packaging, including the unique valve self-standing bag, which features a similar filling valve as larger sacks, while retaining the appearance attributes of self-standing bags; Pallet Grip™ pallet liners, which feature a non-slip surface that is puncture and moisture resistant; and heat-sealable window bags for hot bread products.

Environmentally sustainable paper self-standing bags, paper sacks and printed rewind

Detmold Industrial’s sales division has earned a strong reputation for outstanding products and service; the division dominates the SOS bag market throughout Australia and Asia.

The group’s ISO 9001 and HACCP accreditations are key elements of its strategy to design and manufacture safe, effective and economical products produced from environmentally sustainable resources. Furthermore, close relationships with supplier groups enable the ability to source premium quality materials, which ensures that Detmold Industrial products are manufactured to consistently high standards.

About Detmold Industrial Packaging

A diverse range of industries choose Detmold Industrial products to satisfy their packaging needs. These include sugar and flour milling, dairy, agricultural, mining and construction, medical and commercial hygiene. Detmold Industrial also supplies to contract packers, transport firms and packaging distributors.

The Detmold Industrial team works in consultation with its customers to ensure products are designed to suit their specific requirements. Visual appearance, convenience of use and preservation of product quality are some of the benefits delivered by this collaborative process.

Detmold Industrial’s highly skilled team is trained to deal with complex issues such as product density, print quality, materials and barrier properties. A key focus for our team is creating value for our customers by ensuring our packaging specifically suits customers’ filling rooms, packing lines and flow rates.

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