MicroTag is a proven provider of top-security authentication and anti-counterfeiting technology for the most demanding brand protection applications. The company has high-level R&D expertise and capabilities in solid-state physics, chemistry, material sciences and signal-processing. These form the basis of our own invented and developed novel technology. We currently serve large companies with worldwide product lines and supply chains, as well as governmental projects.

Anti-counterfeiting technology

For applications such as currency, medicines, tax stamps and military electronic components, MicroTag technology provides the following unique properties:

  • Most secure covert technology: based on sophisticated physical effects
  • Highest reliability on the market: provides a solid basis for legal solutions (forensic class)
  • Authentication reliability six sigma
  • Extremely clear, specific and well-defined signal from the smallest taggant
  • Povides reliable identification, regardless of environmental conditions
  • Definite yes/no indication
  • Zero training for inspectors
  • No human judgement means no human error and higher operator performance reliability in adverse conditions
  • Flexible implementation on products: compatible with most printing methods and security policies
  • Through-packaging authentication capability
  • Precise digital signal processing
  • Allows for data collection for high-quality statistical process control in labels manufacturing
  • Control sub-contractors’ use of security materials
  • Unique taggant for large customers: provides the highest security level
  • Unique recovery capability following compromising attacks on the technology
  • Insensitive to various environmental conditions: extreme temperatures (-100°C up to 400°C), magnetic / electric fields and dirt / grease
  • Unique post-failure recovery capability: fast and easy recovery after a protected product is compromised
  • Competitive prices for any of the current top-level security technologies

Supply chain security

MicroTag technology supports a complete solution for brand security requirements, dealing with the realities of multiple penetration points along the legitimate supply chain, including OEM lines.

Our technologies support various track and trace (T&T) solutions by providing the ultimate secure authentication of the data embedded in the T&T media. This overcomes inherent security weak points found in all data-holding technologies, especially those based on electronic chips, including their encryption protections.

A general introduction to MicroTag.
Supply chain protection schematics.
A master reader.
The latest reader model, type G3.
A MicroTag reader embedded in a standard card reader.
Authenticating electronic circuits.

About MicroTag

MicroTag is certified to ISO-9001-2008 and complies with ISO-12931:2012 performance criteria for authentication solutions used to combat counterfeiting of material goods.

We have logged a highly successful track record in the brand protection business line for around 14 years of full commercial operation, having protected more than four billion product units (different products / projects) valued at more than $30bn. This has given us a lot of valuable experience in commercialising authenticating technology for large-scale applications.