adhesives for packaging

Free Form Blister Pack offers comprehensive packaging systems, which include crystal clear tamper-proof rigid films and adhesives to enable the optimum condition and security of skin or blister packaging.

Robust adhesives for optimum packaging performance

We take care of the complete design process for packages, protecting products and giving clients a competitive edge in marketing.

We are your one-stop-shop for:

Free Form Blister Pack provides advanced skin and blister adhesives for packaging applications.
Products are more secure in their packaging with Free Form Blister Pack solutions.
The ‘security’ blisters ensure that products stay fixed to the card, so they reach the customer with minimal movement after being packed.
  • Skin packaging boards
  • SuperCharge skin packaging film
  • Laser-cut die knives
  • Blister seal plates and tooling
  • Security blister cards
  • Clamshell blisters
  • Artwork design and printing
  • New and used packaging machinery
  • Total packaging solutions

Free form blister pack can take care of the complete package, from artwork, printed bliss boards, die knives and supercharge skin films to provide a competitive edge for marketing and protection customers’ products.

Our packaging system is the perfect solution for kits sets from automotive to plumbing parts, dramatically reducing product returns for missing components. The product will not fall from the card or curl up as it did on older soft skin packing films.

The solution provides products with clear graphics and clean packages, giving products a classy finish. Free Form Blister Packaging provides clients a competitive edge with style and security while using their existing skin pack machinery.

Skin packaging boards

Free Form Blister Pack is Australia’s largest supplier of skin packaging materials, offering optimum solutions for rigid skin packaging. Crystal clear tamper-proof SuperCharge skin films and their unique adhesive system ensure the best possible presentation and security for your skin-packed products.

Skin packaging super strong films

Supercharge is a clear, immensely strong thermo reactive rigid film. It requires a minimal amount of time for heating compared with other films, and forms highly effectively while creating an extremely strong bond with the board.

Supercharge is a premium range skin package system that ensures safety of products. Our films range from 150µm to 700µm, width and roll size can be customised to suit your application. Supercharge films provide a superior packaged product at a cost-effective price.

Security blister card packaging

Thanks to rigid ‘security’ blisters, products remain fixed to the card and are less likely to be stolen. In addition, the package has a cleaner look with more space available for artwork as the blisters take up a minimal amount of space compared with similar products.

Heavy parts are also easily packaged with this strong adhesive system.

Laser die cutting and blister seal tooling

To ensure a reliable packing system of the highest quality, our die knives and seal plates are designed in-house and ensure accuracy through being made by laser cutting. They are designed especially for the machines of clients or packing contractors.

Free Form Blister Pack offers comprehensive packaging systems, which include crystal clear tamper-proof rigid films and adhesives.