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Anti-Counterfeiting Labelling Systems and Security Labels

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RDS Labels is a manufacturer of anti-counterfeit labels and security labelling. As a specialist and service provider in label applications, RDS Labels has responded to recent demands in its main markets and partnered with Eastman Kodak to introduce state-of-the-art technology in anti-counterfeit solutions and security labelling.

As co-manufacturer for specific label materials, the company is present in niches of the automotive, industrial, retail and apparel markets.

Anti-counterfeit labels and security labelling

RDS Labels has found in Eastman Kodak (from Rochester, NY, US) an outstanding technology partner to combine experience, technical knowledge and skills with the objective to convert ideas into practical security solutions.

Invisible authentication technology

With Kodak’s Traceless technology we can help diminish fraud and protect against counterfeiting, which touches virtually every industry and market.

RDS Labels provides state-of-the-art technology in anti-counterfeit solutions and security labelling for use in the pharmaceutical industry.
RDS Labels has partnered with Eastman Kodak to provide the Traceless anti-counterfeiting and security labelling system.
The Kodak Traceless System is a forensically invisible authentication technology that deploys a combination of proprietary markers and handheld readers.
The Traceless anti-counterfeiting and security labelling system prevents counterfeiters from duplicating products or packaging.
Traceless anti-counterfeit technology and Kodak "CSI", a powerfull anti-counterfeit security solution, are vitually impossible to reverse engineer.

The Kodak Traceless System is a forensically invisible authentication technology that deploys a combination of proprietary markers and handheld readers. This allows customers to easily validate the authenticity of an item in the field or in distribution channels. The Traceless System creates items with unique material properties that can only be detected using Kodak’s reader technology.

Traceless anti-counterfeiting labelling system

The Traceless System’s markers can be mixed with inks, toners and varnish. In addition, this can be used in paper, pulp, plastics, powders, pigments, liquids and textiles. The Kodak markers have no effect on the characteristics of the end products or packaging. Users license the technology under multiyear agreements, and have secure control of the markers, readers and associated software. This system prevents counterfeiters from duplicating the products or their packaging.

The Kodak Traceless System meets several critical needs:

  • It’s easy to implement
  • Traceless technology is virtually impossible to reverse engineer
  • It is affordable for mass implementation

The Kodak Security Solutions portfolio has applications in analog and digital printing for a wide range of markets and industries.

Traceless thermal transfer ribbons

For instant, on-demand and just in time security labelling we offer Traceless thermal transfer ribbon. This is a premium resin ribbon that delivers sharp, durable impressions which are automatically embedded with Kodak’s ultra-covert security markers.

Detectable only with the Kodak Traceless imaging reader, the embedded markers provide a powerful authentication component for barcodes, product identification tags, serial numbers – anything that you currently print with a standard thermal transfer printer and black thermal transfer. With the ease of changing a printer ribbon, you can get all the security benefits of the Traceless System for anti-counterfeiting.

Traceless colour shifting inks for anti-counterfeit protection

To give your products and packages a powerful double layer of anti-counterfeit protection, you can make use of Kodak’s Traceless colour shifting inks as part of your packaging strategy. Our inks are manufactured as press-ready formulations to drop into almost any flexographic printing process, taking the guess-work out of the printing step and ensuring you get the overt / covert protection that you need.

Kodak Traceless technology and security solutions are already in place with customers in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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