ColorMatrix, a subsidiary of PolyOne Corporation, is the world’s largest supplier of liquid color and additives for thermoplastic applications.

As leading innovators, ColorMatrix supplies advanced liquid colorants, additives and dosing systems that help to enhance product performance and aesthetics while promoting clean, highly productive and energy efficient processing.

For PET barrier performance

Amosorb™ active oxygen scavengers minimize O2 ingress through container walls, preserving the shelf life of the packaged product.

Triple A™ acetaldehyde (AA) reducers enable the control of AA in PET-bottled drinks, preserving both the taste and brand integrity. AA levels can be reduced by up to 80%.

The ColorMatrix portfolio includes colors and additives for PET packaging.
Specialty liquid colorant effects include pearlescents, metallics, transluscents, tints and opaques.
Oxygen and UV barrier solutions deliver product protection for improved shelf life.
Acetaldehyde scavengers help preserve the taste of PET packaged beverages.
Clarifiers and colorants enhance the aesthetics and processing of caps and closures.

Ultimate™ UV and speciality colorants provide tailored protection from UV and visible light. This helps preserve the taste, vitamin content, color and viscosity of the packaged product.

Slip agents

Eze™ slip agents reduce friction across moulding processes and support static charge dissipation, promoting faster production cycles and better part performance.

Infra-red absorption agents

Joule™ reheat agents improve the rate of heat up-take in preforms during the secondary blowing process, allowing for faster production cycles and energy savings.

Toners, brighteners and colorants

Optica™ optical toners and brighteners control yellowing of virgin and recycled resin.

ColorMatrix transparent, opaque and translucent colorants enable brand differentiation and protection of the packaged product.

Packaging markets supplied

Our packaging improvement technologies are used by many of the world’s major plastic container producers in the following markets:

  • Mineral water: AA scavengers and colorants ensure the highest levels of purity, extended shelf life and maximum product integrity
  • Carbonated soft drinks: consistent and accurate colors create effective brand presence and optimised production process efficiencies
  • Juices, nectars and teas: oxygen scavenging and UV technologies maintain vitamin content and maximize product shelf life. Colorants and additives ensure aesthetic quality and brand consistency
  • Beer and wine: amber and green UV and light barrier colorants provide optimal colour dispersion and processing efficiency. Barrier technologies reduce O2 ingress and maintain CO2 levels in mono-layer PET bottles for beer and malt-based drinks
  • Dairy: high opacity white colorants and specialty transparent color technologies provide an effective barrier against UV and visible light improving bottle aesthetics and extending product shelf life
  • Household: colorants, clarifiers and UV absorbers provide product protection and improve packaging aesthetics, whilst processing aids ensure a more productive and environmentally favourable manufacturing process

About ColorMatrix

ColorMatrix’s portfolio of products covers a wide range of solutions designed to improve thermoplastic processing and deliver added value for customers in the packaging, injection molding and vinyl extrusion industries. With worldwide R&D, production and commercial facilities, ColorMatrix supplies its customers with consistent formulations and dosing systems, backed up by global technical and regulatory support services. Visit