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Packaging and Distribution Systems Solutions

ALECTIA is a leading consultancy that provides high-quality packaging and distribution solutions.


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ALECTIA is a leading consultancy that provides high-quality packaging and distribution solutions.

Innovative packaging for production companies

ALECTIA manages packaging projects from start to finish using project managers, who are certified to International Project Management Association (IPMA) standards.

The company serves a wide range of clients, including production and utility companies, investors and private property owners.

ALECTIA offers conceptual and basic design services for packaging solutions.
The consultancy company also provides packaging plant and warehouse design.
ALECTIA specialises in packaging line audits and feasibility studies to ensure high-quality packaging systems.
Plant optimisation, as well as packaging and warehousing services are provided by the company.
The company headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark.
ALECTIA’s services include pre-development planning and construction for packaging distribution.
Multi-disciplined engineers have extensive design skills and experience of creating innovative packaging solutions.
Modern process techniques can be applied to new and existing plants.
ALECTIA’s advisers work in accordance with EU and other national regulations.

Packaging and process design projects

A dedicated team of multi-disciplined engineers offers experienced design skills for innovative packaging. Process design and spirit handling services are also available.

In addition, the company designs and supervises construction of plants worldwide. ALECTIA offers advisory services, engineering and project execution to ensure efficiency and consistency in plant design and execution.

The company assists clients in the application of modern process techniques to new and existing plants, featuring liquid handling on diverse liquid products such as beer, soft drinks, spirits and coffee.

Packaging plant and warehouse design

ALECTIA assists with pre-development planning, design and construction throughout the operational lifecycle of packaging facilities to address environmental concerns.

All advisers and managers have in-depth knowledge and experience of EU and other national regulations in order to meet stringent requirements.

ALECTIA’s project services include:

  • Conceptual and basic designs for process and electrical / automation
  • Packaging and warehouse design
  • Tendering and contracting
  • Engineering follow-up and site management
  • Testing and commissioning

Packaging line audits and evaluation services

ALECTIA provides decision support services, including packaging line audits, feasibility studies, financial and supply chain analysis and audits.

Production structure analysis and evaluation of production conditions is also available, as well as logistics, simulation and plant modelling and supply chain network design.

Operations support by the company includes a technical service agreement, plant optimisation, troubleshooting, packaging and warehousing services and training.


Founded in 1912, ALECTIA has developed into an international knowledge organisation with clients and projects worldwide. The company develops innovative and sustainable solutions to create long-lasting value through its Masterminding Sustainable Progress concept.

ALECTIA is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and has a UK office in Ascot, West London.


  • Arla Senegal Milk Powder Packaging Facility, Dakar

    Arla Senegal, a joint venture (JV) between global dairy company Arla Foods and Attieh Group, has opened the doors of a new milk powder packaging facility in Dakar, the capital city of the Republic of Senegal in West Africa, in May 2016.

  • Lao Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

    Lao Coca-Cola Bottling, a joint venture between ThaiNamthip (70%), a Coca-Cola bottler based in Thailand, and Laos-based PT Sole (30%), commissioned the first-ever Coca-Cola bottling plant in Laos in September 2015.

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