monta Klebebandwerk is the largest German producer of high-performance self-adhesive packaging tapes with natural rubber adhesive technology. The latest manufacturing techniques, permanent quality control and a motivated workforce guarantee the flexible and trend-setting production of monta’s self-adhesive tapes.

Know-how, combined with quick decisions and fast response to customer demands, ensures continued improvements and innovative products. Through long-lasting business relations with customers and suppliers, monta has gained a reputation as a prompt problem-solver with first-class service.

Natural rubber packaging tapes

With its wide product range monta covers a variety of packaging applications ranging from traditional sealing of cardboard boxes, to covering, bundling, protecting, marking and, last but not least, splicing applications.

The core competence of monta is the production of high-quality natural rubber-based packaging tapes. The natural rubber adhesive system guarantees a long-term and secure sealing of various carton surfaces – especially difficult ones – and in extreme temperature conditions. Natural rubber-based products are particularly recommended for applications in deep-freeze areas. They excel through their high initial tack and good shear strength.

monta Klebebandwerk manufactures self-adhesive packaging tapes with natural rubber adhesive technology.
monta's product range includes packaging tapes with natural rubber, hot-melt rubber or acrylic adhesive.
monta's core expertise is in the production of high-quality natural rubber-based packaging tapes.
monta manufactures self-adhesive packaging tapes for printing.
monta is a DIN EN ISO-certified manufacturer of self-adhesive packaging tapes.

For completion of the product range monta also offers tapes with hot-melt and acrylic technology.

Packaging tapes with natural rubber, hot-melt rubber or acrylic adhesive

Our range of packaging tapes includes:

  • PVC, BOPP, MOPP, PET, paper and masking tapes with natural rubber
  • BOPP, high crepe and fabric tapes with hot-melt rubber
  • BOPP tapes with water-based acrylic adhesive

Backings are available in different thicknesses and colours. PVC also exists in an embossed version.

Due to state-of-the-art converting equipment the products can be offered in lengths of 50m to 2,000m and widths of 12mm to 300mm. Furthermore, jumbo rolls with a width of 1,830mm gross / 1,800mm net and a length of up to 12,000m can be made available.

Developments for special demands complete the product portfolio, as the natural rubber technology allows for the creation of tailor-made high-tack or low-tack adhesives for a wide range of different applications.

Splicing tape for the pharmaceutical industry

A unique product is monta film 257, which is a special splicing tape mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Self-adhesive packaging tapes for printing

As a main supplier to printers and converters monta has a strong focus on PVC natural rubber-based products for top-side printing. The characteristics of the PVC film allow easy and direct printability without any further treatment. Printed tapes are mainly used for marketing and publicity reasons and there is still high growth potential in this business sector.

In addition to offering natural rubber BOPP tapes that are printable in a two-stage process, monta is currently carrying out intensive R&D on a directly printable version.

Directly printable BOPP tapes on a hot-melt basis are also included in the product range.

DIN EN ISO-certified manufacturer of self-adhesive packaging tapes

Raw materials, products and manufacturing processes are constantly checked in the laboratory according to internationally approved testing methods. It goes without saying that the guidelines of the legislative body regarding the agreed limits for the production of self-adhesive tapes are strictly followed.

An uninterrupted documentation of a batch-number system enables monta to trace the finished product back to its raw materials at any time.

With its technological competence and permanent quality control, monta holds the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company’s strict environmental policy, wise use of natural resources and optimal methods of recycling are confirmed by its DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 certification.

All monta products comply with the requirements of RoHS with regards to the heavy metal content, as well as the demands of the chemical act REACH.

About monta Klebebandwerk

As an independent, 100% privately held company, monta achieves an annual turnover of about €44 million and employs approximately 110 people. monta’s products are sold through distributors, converters and printers to the domestic and international markets, with representations in nine different countries.