Since the early 1990s, monta has been working in cooperation with our supplier of PVC film towards the development and sale of a thermoformable film splicing tape for the pharmaceutical and food packaging industries. The unique film is coated with a custom compounded, natural rubber adhesive formulated by monta and converted in our factory located in Southern Bavaria. Today, the South German manufacturer that mainly produces adhesive tapes for carton sealing is the sole supplier of this unique tape.

The tape is distributed and used worldwide for splicing of blister packaging on plastic or aluminum basis to ensure a continuous production process. The two ends of the ‘mother rolls’ are connected with monta film 257 across the entire width. The high elongation property of the red PVC film allows formation in deep draw channel analogous to the base support. In the subsequent sealing process, the thermoformed packaging is enclosed with a sealing film.

During formation and sealing, the splicing tape is exposed to short periods of very high temperatures where its unique properties are most valuable. Further into process, sensors recognise the special red color of the tape, so that the splice can be rejected. With the help of monta film 257, a continuous production process can be guaranteed and the productivity can be increased.

monta film 257 is mainly used in food and pharmaceutical industry applications. When opening a cup of yogurt or taking a tablet from the blister, you can assume that monta film 257 was used in the production of the packaging.

monta film 257 is available from stock in 66m x 38mm and 50mm. Free sample rolls with a length of 10m are available upon request. Due to demand, it is sold through specialty distributors worldwide.

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