Videojet Technologies is a world-leading provider of in-line printing, coding, and marking products, application specific fluids, and product lifecycle services for the packaging industry.

Continuous ink jets for the packaging industry

The company aims to work with clients in the consumer packaged and industrial goods industries to improve productivity, protect and grow brands, and remain updated with industry regulations.

Videojet specialises in continuous ink jet (CIJ), thermal ink jet (TIJ), laser marking, thermal transfer overprinting (TTO), case coding and labelling, and offers a wide range of printing, with more than 325,000 printers installed worldwide.

More than 325,000 printers have been installed globally by Videojet.
Continuous ink jets are designed for non-contact printing of up to five lines of text and 2D bar codes.
2D DataMatrix and barcodes are printed using thermal ink jets.
The company offers large character marking, which is designed for non-contact printing of multiple data types such as logos.
In-line printing, coding, and marking products are provided by Videojet.
The company has a global service team to help clients print on any package type and substrate.
Videojet offers thermal transfer overprinting, which uses a digitally controlled print head to precisely melt ink from a ribbon directly onto flexible films.

The company has coding and marking solutions to meet production needs, as well as various coding technologies, specialised inks and fluids, advanced software and a dedicated global service team to help clients print on every package type and substrate.

Continuous ink jet (CIJ) is fluid-based designed for non-contact printing of up to five lines of text, linear and 2D bar codes or graphics, printed on packaging such as stationary packaging using traversing systems.

Thermal ink jet for packaging surfaces

Thermal ink jet (TIJ) is ink-based, non-contact printing method, which uses heat and surface-tension to move ink onto a package surface. It is generally used to print 2D DataMatrix and other barcodes.

Laser marking systems use a beam of infrared light, which is focused and steered using carefully controlled small mirrors to create marks where heat of the beam interacts with a packaging surface.

Thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) is when a digitally controlled print head precisely melts ink from a ribbon directly onto flexible films, providing high-resolution, real-time prints.

Large character marking (LCM) for label printing and application

Videojet also provides label printer applicators (LPA), which prints and applies labels of various sizes onto multiple package types.

In addition, large character marking (LCM) is offered, which is ink-based, non-contact printing of multiple data types such as alphanumeric, logos and bar codes in large sizes that are primarily used for shipping cases.

High-performance binary array printers are available for high-speed applications with inks that dry on most stock.

Thermal inkjet systems printing for porous and semi-porous products

Videojet also offers high-gloss, vibrant finishes using solvent and UV cure systems. Easy to use and scale-up, thermal inkjet systems are also available for printing on porous and semi-porous stock.

Clients rely on Videojet products to print on more than ten billion products on a daily basis.

Customer sales, application, service and training support are provided by direct operations, with more than 3,000 team members in 26 countries worldwide.

Videojet’s distribution network includes more than 400 distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), serving 135 countries.