Survey finds UK consumers support plastic-free aisles in supermarkets

A survey conducted by Populus has found that more than 90% of consumers in the UK support the introduction of ‘plastic-free' aisles in supermarkets.

The survey, commissioned by environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet, involved 2,000 adults.

It was revealed that 91% of the respondents supported the introduction of a supermarket aisle that features only products free of plastic packaging, while 81% of them expressed their concern about the amount of plastic packaging being dumped in the UK.

A Plastic Planet co-founder Sian Sutherland said: “It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Great British public wants a fresh alternative to goods laden with plastic packaging.

"Consumer demand for products that generate less plastic waste is higher than ever."

“Too much of our plastic waste ends up in oceans and landfill. Consumer demand for products that generate less plastic waste is higher than ever.”

The survey also found that support for the introduction of plastic-free aisles are higher in women compared to men, while people aged more than 65 are more likely to endorse the measure than any other age group.

Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences professor Hilary Kennedy said: “There is a growing body of evidence that plastic waste poses a global challenge, directly affecting marine life and ecosystems.

“A Plastic Free Aisle in supermarkets would help encourage a reduction in the amount of plastic waste being dumped in our environment.”

Launched as a grassroots campaign group in March, A Plastic Planet focuses on highlighting the growing plastic crisis which is affecting the environment and human health.