Verdeco Recycling’s PET Recycling Facility, Indiana, United States of America

Terre Haute, Indiana, US

California-based PET resins manufacturer and recycler Verdeco Recycling (Verdeco) has announced a new recycling facility in Terre Haute, Indiana, US.

The new facility will be Verdeco's second plant in the US. The first plant opened in 2012 in South Gate, California, near Los Angeles.

With the new investment, Verdeco aims to expand its footprint in the country and develop other plants and expansions.

Starting operations in June 2016, the Terre Haute recycling plant will allow the company to better serve existing clients, while also attracting new companies to its current recycling customer base.

It is expected to create 30 new jobs, which will increase further with future expansions. The plant will be fully staffed by the end of August 2016.

Location of Verdeco's new recycling plant

The new plant will be located in the 1,500-acre Vigo County Industrial Park I (VCIP I) in Terre Haute. The VCIP has been selected due to its close proximity to the greater Indianapolis region, which is in-turn located close to the four US interstates, allowing convenient service to Midwestern markets.

Other reasons for selecting the site include availability of skilled local workforce, which will enable the company to further strengthen its reputation of providing high-quality products and services.

The company has received significant support from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation in the site selection process. The Terre Haute/Vigo County and the Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation enabled seamless integration of the company into the Terre Haute area.

Details of the new recycling plant

Verdeco will utilise state-of-the-art technology, advanced extrusion equipment and conveying systems at the new plant to ensure that it meets the highest reliability, quality and cleanliness standards.

The recycling system incorporates a twin-screw co-rotating extruder that mixes a silicone-based additive with the polymer melt to create poly-condensation reactions. The result is recycled PET that has higher physical and mechanical properties compared to conventional PET recycling systems.

"The Terre Haute recycling plant will allow the company to better serve existing clients, while also attracting new companies to its current recycling customer base."

The recycled PET will be of food-grade plastic as approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Production and distribution at the recycling plant

Production at the plant will commence in the second quarter of 2016. The plant will have an annual initial capacity to produce 60 million pounds of FDA-approved, food-grade, recycled PET.

With the new plant, the company's total annual capacity in the US will reach 100 million pounds of recycled PET. The company will also effectively increase its distribution in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner by reducing shipping costs and by increasing the company's capacity reach across the country,

Contractors involved

The construction contract for the new plant was awarded to Garmong Construction, a company based in Terre Haute, along with other local contractors for electrical and mechanical installation services.

PET-M recycling technology and rPET

The new plant will produce recycled PET using advanced PET-M recycling technology, which uses a silane-based modifying agent to restore physical and mechanical properties of post-consumer PET instead of using high pressure and vacuums for extended periods of time.

The technology utilises the most innovative solutions in the field of polymer processing, including the most advanced machinery, and enables lower energy consumption and waste reduction, decreasing its carbon footprint.

As a result, produced recycled PET (rPET) can be used in most of the applications where virgin PET is used. The demand for rPETs bottles and containers has been increasing gradually with billions of plastic containers annually produced. The convenience in using the rPET containers in food packaging and other applications has made it a viable alternative to the expensive virgin PET.

Marketing commentary on Verdeco Recycling Midwest

Verdeco Recycling Midwest is the subsidiary of Verdeco Recycling in Terre Haute, Indiana. The company produces high-quality rPET material, which finds applications in food packaging and other high-value applications.