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Packaging the departed: using cardboard to develop sustainable coffins

What happens when one of Europe’s leading packaging specialists is tasked with solving the problem of rising funeral costs in a world with a rapidly expanding population? The answer – cardboard coffins.

Could Coca-Cola’s micro-chipped bottles be the future of sustainable packaging?

There has been much talk lately on the sustainability of packaging and its environmental impact, especially of plastic waste. Elliot Gardner finds out more.

A plastic iceberg: the Greenpeace response to Coke’s recycling strategy

According to campaigners from Greenpeace, Coke’s recycling reform announcement doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Nestle, Unilever and a polluted beach in the Philippines

Nestlé and Unilever’s UK offices have pledged to reduce waste and are champions of their company’s respective environmental achievements, but are those efforts still as valuable when you consider that those same companies are the worst offenders in a country the other side of the world?

Bag for life, or for death? The deadly bacteria found in reusable shopping bags

Single-use plastic carrier bags are an environmental scourge. They’re not easily recycled, while also being fragile and tough to reuse more than a few times. They take a long time to decompose, and in the meantime clog drains, harm wildlife, get stuck in trees and fill up landfills.

All bottled up: alternatives to the humble plastic drinks container

Plastic waste is an issue that the world cannot ignore. It’s a topic that came up again and again at Packaging Innovations 2017, held in London this September.

Could activity equivalence labelling replace the traffic light system post-Brexit?

Brexit could be mean big changes to food labelling – is the time right for activity equivalence labels on UK food? Elliot Gardner finds out more.

Not such a waste of space: tackling low recycling with smart bin technology

Tackling low recycling rates in both the UK and US has been a problem for years. Elliot Gardner speaks to Cambridge Consultants about the company’s smart bin unit design to see if it has the potential to shake up the recycling scene.

Handled with care: specialist packaging for the transit of fragile and valuable items

Shipping products becomes much trickier when the goods in transit are easily broken and incredibly expensive. Elliot Gardner speaks to Rajapack to find out how the problem is tackled.

Coca-Cola GB’s new recycling plans, big step forward or drop in the fizzy brown ocean?

In early July Coca-Cola announced a change to their recycling strategy in the UK, with plans to double recycled plastic content in bottles to 50% from 25%. Elliot Gardner finds out more.