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Trends, challenges, and opportunities in modern age industrial packaging 

A journey through the dynamic landscape of packaging in the modern age, unravelling the threads of change, adaptability, and progress.

Navigating the evolving landscape of food packaging

The multifaceted world of food packaging spans from its role in extending shelf life to its impact on the environment.

Five green packaging innovations for e-commerce orders

From eco-friendly packaging innovations that combat plastic pollution to edible packaging that delights taste buds, Alex Selwitz discusses solutions that protect the planet and improve consumer experiences.

Replacing, not recycling plastic packaging: key to a waste-free future

Stanley Mitchell, head of business development at materials science company Xampla, explores the confusion of bioplastics and proposed solution of natural materials.

Material choice: the hidden costs of packaging innovation

Toby Lane, an expert at Industrial Physics, asserts that striking the right balance between sustainability and functionality is crucial in adapting to the changing packaging landscape.

Tackling food packaging challenges with new technologies

Smart manufacturing expert Eric Whitley discusses how the food industry is undergoing a transformative era, prioritising sustainability, and anticipating future challenges.

Single-use plastics yield to biodegradable films for safety

These films cut carbon emissions, save energy, promote recycling, and reduce petroleum use, challenging traditional plastics.

Towards a more regenerative model in packaging waste in Asia

Avery Dennison’s senior vice-president and general manager, materials group, Anil K Sharma, discusses the continent’s potential for regeneration and sustainability.

Sustainable showdown: plastic vs. paper bags

Mike Jones, head of innovation for sustainable retail packaging producer Mainetti, unpacks the rivalry between paper and plastic bags.

Attached plastic lids: Recycling revolution or consumer catastrophe?

Ashbury food regulatory expert Janet Dalzell explores attached plastic lids on drinks bottles as the latest move in recycling.