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Jessica Paige

“Cold chain packaging will grow in the coming years”

Inside Packaging speaks to Ranpak cold chain business development manager Anne de Rouw.

The profitability in sustainability – Interview with Innocent Drinks

Packaging Gateway spoke with Innocent’s Jaap van Dokkum to learn about profitability and sustainability.

What is PepsiCo hoping for from ‘pep+’?

Packaging Gateway looks into PepsiCo’s new sustainability initiative Pep+, what it entails, and the reason behind its creation.

Plastic to Cardboard: How packaging companies can make the switch

Packaging Gateway spoke with Heinz and WestRock to find out how Heinz switched from plastic to cardboard and how other packaging companies could do the same.

Packaging design with recycling in mind: Alupro

Alupro’s Tom Giddings discusses why material choice, packaging design and product labelling can play a hugely pivotal role in engaging consumers, changing behaviours and maximising kerbside recycling rates.

‘One Cap, One Code’ and the value of connected packaging: SIG

Swiss packaging expert SIG head of sustainability and digital marketing Bojan Buric Heler tells Packaging Gateway about the value behind connected packaging and how SIG is contributing to the market with its new digital closure product, ‘One Cap, One Code’.

Achieving performance, aesthetics, and circularity in papermaking

James Cropper’s Richard Burnett tells Packaging Gateway about the ongoing conversation about reclaimed vs. virgin fibre paper and whether it’s possible to create paper for packaging which performs well, looks great, and is environmentally friendly.

Is the packaging sector seeing the beginnings of a robotics investment boom?

Robotics deals, jobs and patents have been booming in the last few years. But is the packaging sector keeping up?

How packaging companies could drive climate change action: GlobalData

Packaging Gateway looks at the part the packaging industry is playing in creating but also combatting climate change, which packaging companies are leading the way, and how the industry could better drive climate change action.

Why businesses should outsource their packaging solutions: WePack

WePack managing director Mick Clark tells Retail Insight Network how outsourcing packaging processes can help businesses build their brand with more control while creating cost-effective solutions.