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Ocean plastic: will more packaging companies take the plunge?

While environmental organisations slowly pick away at the plastic icebergs clogging up the ocean, companies on land are seeking to reintroduce the fruit of their hauls back into the supply chain. What are the current challenges involved in using reclaimed ocean plastic in packaging and will more companies move into the field in the future?

Loop: Exploring the impact of TerraCycle’s reusable packaging scheme

With the announcement of waste-free shopping platform Loop, from TerraCycle and some of the world’s largest consumer product companies, single-use plastic could see a major deficit in the future.

Anything but plastic: exploring sustainable packaging materials

Companies are increasingly looking to replace plastic in their packaging as the push towards sustainability continues, and the options for alternatives are rapidly increasing. What are some of the most prominent and most innovative sustainable packaging alternatives on the market?

Aluminium cans: the sustainable option for drinks packaging?

With canned wine and cold brews increasingly hitting supermarket shelves, is switching to aluminium cans the next step for sustainability? In this Q+A Marcel Arsand, chairman of trade body the Can Makers, explains why cans are enjoying a boost.

Could Teysha’s tuneable bioplastic change the packaging industry?

Teysha Technologies has launched a new technology platform capable of producing eco-friendly bioplastics that can be chemically ‘tuned’ to meet specific requirements. Teysha’s head of research, Dr Ashlee Jahnke, explains the implications of the company’s breakthrough.   

A helping hand: how is robotics improving food and beverage packaging?

Robotic technologies have proved their place in helping to keep food and beverages safe. In no small part, this has been due to their ability to monitor and manage the packing stages of manufacture. What trends have fuelled the robot revolution?