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West Africa’s packaging renaissance

The region’s packaging industry is experiencing a remarkable transformation, driven by a thriving farming sector and evolving consumer demands.

The power of packaging colours: influencing kids’ buying behaviour

Colours in product packaging influence kids’ choices by capturing their attention and evoking emotions such as excitement or familiarity.

Sustainable smart plastic packaging redefines industry norms

SSPP is revolutionising packaging, reducing plastic waste, embracing cutting-edge tech, and leaving a lasting impact on businesses, consumers, and the planet.

Changing views on food packaging in Brazil

Brazil’s evolving food packaging preferences are fuelling changes driven by sustainability, health, and convenience.

New rules for medicine package labels in the UK

The latest regulations are designed to streamline the intricate realm of post-Brexit pharmaceutical rules, aiming for simplification.

The Russian packaging industry amid sanctions

Navigating critical material shortages and global packaging trends, the Russian packaging industry is desperately seeking innovative alternatives.

A biodiversity emergency looms over the paper and packaging sector

Amidst a planet in peril, the paper and packaging industry takes a front-row seat in the global battle for biodiversity.

Inside the thriving world of M&A in packaging

Over the past decade, the paper and packaging sector has seen twice as many M&A deals as the broader manufacturing industry, relative to its size.

Unpacking the environmental footprint of food packaging materials

There are hidden stories behind the wrappers, containers, and labels that adorn our everyday sustenance.

High-tech advances define Germany’s packaging sector

Germany’s packaging industry, at the heart of Europe, stands as a resilient force, navigating challenges through innovation and sustainability.