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McDonald’s announces plan to cut down on packaging waste

Fast food chain McDonald’s has launched a trial programme across Europe to eliminate plastic and improve sustainability in packaging.

Transcend acquires Leeds-based BioStraw

Welsh sustainable paper-straw manufacturer Transcend Packaging has acquired the assets of Leeds-based BioStraw.

Tetra Pak to research uses for graphene in the packaging industry

Multinational food packaging company Tetra Pak will be exploring the possible future applications of graphene in food and beverage manufacturing as the exclusive representative from the packaging industry at the European Commission Graphene Flagship project.

Future of plastic packaging – The Plastic Packaging Tax

Over two million tonnes of plastic packaging is used in the UK each year, with most being new plastic rather than recycled creating a grave impact on the environment. In March 2018, the UK government announced its intention to introduce a plastic packaging tax that will come into effect from April 2022. Rosie Lintott speaks with Ian Fielding, Chair of the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) Waste Group, about the local governments view on the new tax.

Elior and Water Unite team up for UK foodservice industry first

Elior UK and global water charity Water Unite have teamed up to launch a campaign aimed at meeting the demand for bottled water in a sustainable way in a UK foodservice industry first.

Combating plastic pollution with Ethique

With awareness growing around how consumers are affecting the environment with the amount plastic waste they create, Packaging Gateway speake to Ethique, the world’s first zero-waste beauty brand.

Packaging through the ages

In this picture feature, we trawl history for the earliest packaging formats of today’s brand behemoths and compare them to their modern-day counterparts to answer the question: how has packaging changed throughout the years?

London Marathon reduces plastic bottle usage with edible drink pouches

Ooho seaweed pouches and compostable cups replaced 216,000 plastic bottles at the London Marathon this year. One of the many innovative initiatives the London Marathon has trialled this year, the edible and biodegradable vegan seaweed pouches were developed by Skipping Rocks lab.

Accessible packaging: evolving for arthritic consumers

Although arthritis has been an issue for many years, awareness around the condition is becoming more prominent. With the effects more evident, is packaging accessible enough for people with this condition? Rosie Lintott explores how the industry has adjusted over the years and what more needs to be done to cater to arthritic consumers.

Deliveroo to trial food container reuse service in the UK

Online delivery service Deliveroo has partnered with clean technology (cleantech) company OXWASH to trial a takeaway container cleaning service for customers and restaurants in Oxford and Cambridge this summer.