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Made of Glass: Packaging that helps to preserve food and protect from contaminants

Although concern over reducing food waste continues, little attention is being paid to how glass packaging can help. Stephanie Phillips discusses how glass can be used in the packaging world

Under the Sea: Manufacturing objects using bioplastics

To meet the needs of a packaging industry desperate for bioplastics, researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute developed a method of manufacturing objects using bioplastic isolated from shrimp shells. Stephanie Phillips finds out more

Trends for 2015: Rich and Playful

As packaging designers gear up for next year we look at the key trends for 2015. In the last of a four feature series, Lucy Ingham profiles the ‘sensorial overload’ trend, combining vivid colours with crafted details.

Reducing the Food Waste Mountain: Utilising technology

Technology and packaging have merged in many interesting ways over the years to create innovations that can reduce food waste and keep products fresher for longer. Stephanie Phillips profiles the latest developments

Life in 3D: How 3D printing is changing the industry

3D printing is the latest trend that has been exciting tech fans everywhere. Stephanie Phillips takes a look at how 3D printing can be beneficial to the packaging industry

Trends for 2015: Grids and Graphics

As packaging designers are gearing up for 2015 we look at the key trends for next year. In the third of four features, Lucy Ingham profiles the ‘Time for Order’ trend

The Technicolour Aisle: Gluten free products

As awareness around gluten free products rises, brands are starting to use eye-catching branding to escape the clinical aesthetic traditionally associated with free from food. Stephanie Phillips investigates.

Trends for 2015: The Future’s Light

As packaging designers are gearing up for 2015 we look at the key trends for next year. In the second of four features, Lucy Ingham profiles the sensory-based ‘Future’s Light’ trend.

Online Appeal: How do companies attract consumers when they are internet shopping?

Packaging plays a significant role in drawing consumers to products in store but what happens when they shop online? Stephanie Phillips looks at the role of packaging in the digital environment.

Smart Solutions: The 100% spill proof beverage system

A new development in active closure technology has led to a 100% spill proof smart closure system for non-carbonated beverages. Stephanie Phillips profiles this intriguing technology.