The company’s AmFiber product. Credit: © Amcor.

Rankings 2022

  • ENVIRONMENTAL – Commended
  • INNOVATION – Commended
  • INVESTMENTS – Commended
  • PRODUCT LAUNCHES – Commended

Packaging Gateway Excellence Rankings 2022 – The Verdict

Amcor is a multinational packaging firm that is ranked for BUSINESS EXPANSION, ENVIRONMENTAL, INNOVATION, INVESTMENTS, PRODUCT LAUNCHES and R&D in the 2022 Packaging Gateway Excellence Rankings.

The company launched a range of new products during the research period with a clear focus on sustainability. Examples include partnering with Colombian oil and fat producer Alianza Team to develop a sustainable bottle for its Gourmet cooking oil brand made from fully recycled content; developing a fully recyclable bottle for Danone’s natural mineral water brand, Villavicencio; and the launch of AmFiber, a new range of paper-based packaging products. 

In the pharmaceutical space the company introduced proprietary lidding technology for use in combination healthcare products, based on a patented inert film development and laminate design. It also introduced new sustainable recycle-ready High Shield laminates. 

Amcor also introduced an enhanced-stock product programme designed to meet its customers’ healthcare packaging needs in North America. Under the programme, customers can order market-recognised DuPont Tyvek pouches and Breather Bag header bags in a range of sizes, with low minimum order quantities.

The company also undertook significant investments including plans to invest around $35m in two innovation centres in Asia and Europe, with the company aiming to build facilities in Ghent, Belgium, and Jiangyin, China.

“The company launched a range of new products during the research period with a clear focus on sustainability”

The new low carbon High Shield innovations feature pharmaceutical sachet, stickpack, and strippack packaging. Credit: © Amcor plc.


Amcor is an American-Australian global packaging company. It develops and produces flexible packaging, rigid containers, specialty cartons, closures and services for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical-device, home and personal-care, and other products.