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Integrated Automation Solutions for Optimising Packaging Operations

1580 125th Avenue, Hopkins, 49328,Michigan, United States of America

1580 125th Avenue, Hopkins, 49328,Michigan, United States of America

Logicraft is a systems integration company that specialises in the provision of innovative automation solutions designed to improve the efficiency and profitability of clients’ packaging processes.

Logicraft’s capabilities cover the entire project lifecycle from design, engineering and manufacturing, to installation and commissioning. All company systems are expertly developed to offer optimum productivity and provide customers with the best possible return on investment (RoI).

Our catalogue of solutions includes a range of advanced conveyors, robotics and control systems, which are manufactured by highly qualified personnel to ensure consistent operation and long service-life.

Reliable conveyor solutions for the packaging industry

Logicraft is a leading designer and producer of industrial conveyor systems and regularly partners with other prominent manufacturers of conveyors to boost value for customers.

Our carefully engineered systems are developed using sophisticated 3D computer-aided design (CAD) technologies, which allows customers to visualise their solution operating within their plant prior to construction and commissioning.

This simulation process helps communicate the complexities and potential challenges related to each unique system, which helps minimise risk and the difficulty of installation at customers’ facilities.

We provide a complete selection of conveyor units to suit a range of operational requirements, including case, pallet, vacuum, belt and cleated systems depending on the customer’s intended application.

Our varied conveyor portfolio also comprises mat top, extruded aluminium, stainless and washdown duty motor variants, along with effective accumulation tables to facilitate the orderly organisation of products.

Automated robotics systems for the packaging sector

Logicraft’s technical personnel possess in-depth robotics expertise and are able to devise the most suitable automation system for clients’ chosen applications.

The company’s innovative robotics solutions can effortlessly complete the most repetitive and / or potentially dangerous tasks within the production process, increasing worker safety and allowing on-site staff to focus on other duties.

We have established working partnerships with several prominent original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of robotics technologies to ensure that customers’ integration solutions are equipped with the most reliable, high-quality equipment available on the market.

Our robotics systems can be configured to conduct a variety of common packaging activities, including palletising, cutting, machine tending, case packing and ‘pick and place’ operations in accordance with the client’s needs.

Smart control systems for industrial packing facilities

Logicraft works in close collaboration with third-party equipment vendors to ensure the company’s conveyors and robotics systems are compatibly integrated with customers’ existing infrastructure to enable optimum productivity.

We are committed to ensuring that operational goals are met both upstream and downstream for each component within the production chain in order to maximise the speed and efficiency of the entire packaging system.

Our experienced engineering team develops and builds smart, user-friendly control systems that can be operated with minimal training required.

Packaging control solutions are designed to incorporate a wide range of tasks depending on the customer’s requirements, including:

  • Packaging
  • Handling
  • Coding
  • Inspection
  • Packing
  • Palletising and de-palletising
  • Wrapping

About Logicraft

US-based Logicraft has gained a reputation as an industry leader in the development and supply of automated robotics and control systems for the packaging sector.

Our dedicated and highly knowledgeable team are committed to continual innovation and the development of new design concepts, while ensuring all our systems are expertly constructed on time and within budget.

The majority of our business comes from repeat customers and we are regularly relied upon as a trusted advisor due to our extensive track record of successfully completed projects.

Logicraft would like to learn more about your applications and the areas where it might be able to offer an improved RoI, either within individual case packing, palletising, assembly or conveying operations, or through delivery of a complete turnkey solution that consolidates all your equipment into one system.

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