• Focusing on the consumer

    What does a company have to think about when creating consumer-friendly packaging? Sébastien Fily of Laboratoires Roche Nicholas has the answer.

  • Technology holds the key to success

    The Flexible Packaging Association showcases some of the new forms and functions that have been realised in the packaging industry thanks to technological developments.

  • Recycling at a crossroads

    As recycling rates decline, The PET industry is failing to meet today's demand for post-consumer PET - a trend that must be reversed, says Luke Schmidt of the National Association...

  • PP is closing in on PET

    Dr Surendra Agarwal of Kraft Foods spells out the numerous advantages offered by polypropylene compared to PET, and speculates on what the future may hold.

  • The Harmful Effects of UV Light Exposure

    Based on research showing the detrimental effects of UV exposure, Dr Daniel Connor of Milliken Chemical states that the way forward for Pet packaging is to add UV protection.

  • A Code for Patient Safety

    Rich Hollander of Pfizer explains how the fairly simple inclusion of barcodes on unit-dose blister packs can reduce medication errors significantly.

  • Retailers Face Myriad Challenges

    Terry Robins of Sainsbury's supermarkets investigates trends in retail packaging and the consequences of growing environmental concern among customers.

  • Education in the name of progress

    WPO education officer Keith Pearson stresses the importance of continuous education and training in the packaging sector, and looks at the crucial role that WPO plays here.

  • A major step for Ghana

    A new Packaging Institute is set to further Ghana's packaging industry through cooperation with stakeholders, research and training, says Kofi Essuman, president of the institute.