• Counterfeit: Stemming The Tide

    The proliferation of counterfeit goods around the world in the last few years has forced producers to change how they do things. Timothy Trainer of the Global Intellectual Property Strategy...

  • Star Students

    With IMPZ and the GPTF taking place in Dubai, it seems the city is becoming an important venue for packaging events. The WSS competition shows that such events can promote...

  • Bottle Top

    Bottling is a fast-changing market, with consumers' tastes fickle. John T Cahill, CEO of the Pepsi Bottling Group, explains how to stay ahead of the competition and develop.

  • Versatility drives demand

    Glass has long been the packaging material of choice for many in the industry largely due to its versatility and the wide variety of choice and flexibility around colour, transparency,...

  • Intelligent packaging excites consumers

    The potential benefits of RFID are still to be fully understood by both manufacturers and consumers. Some industry practitioners sit down to discuss the future direction of RFID.

  • The carton of the future

    Paperboard and plastic are the two most popular packaging materials for recyclable materials. Members from both sides of the industry put forward their arguments for long-term sustainability.

  • Warming up nicely

    Dr Aaron L Brody of Packaging/Brody Inc assesses the development of the technology used for the packaging of microwave and enhanced microwave heating appliances.

  • China forges ahead

    The Chinese market is the fastest growing on the world packaging stage, with actual unit gains between 1998 and 2003 accounting for 32 per cent of the world total. In...

  • Beverage resource efficiency

    While it has always been important to assess which form of packaging is most efficient in its use of resources and transport costs, PCI looks at why these requirements assume...

  • The silent salesman

    Flexible packaging is changing the face of products throughout the consumer range. Dennis Calamusa, president of AlliedFlex, describes the power of visual appeal.


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