• The Value of Brand

    Packaging is always going to have a huge impact on brand awareness and expansion. Neville Isdell, The Coca-Cola Company, outlines his manifesto for growth and shows that, even for the...

  • Packages for Delivery

    Balaji B.Capaloor, Frost and Sullivan, looks at the impact of drug delivery on pharmaceutical packaging markets.

  • Nestle’s Brand Identity: Packaging a Punch

    Brand identity and packaging are intrinsically linked, but even iconic designs sometimes need updating to match the needs of the market. PCI talks to Philippe Roulet, head of packaging for...

  • Chipless RFID: the End Game

    Chipless RFID tags offer the tantalising prospect of being printed directly on products and packaging for just 0.1¢, and could one day replace 10 trillion barcodes a year. Raghu Das,...

  • What Next for Cartons and Flexible Packaging?

    In a recent report for ProCarton members, Franz Rappold and Richard Dalgleish explored the interface between cartons and flexible packaging. PCI presents a summary of their findings.

  • M&S Takes a Flexible Approach

    PCI looks at Marks & Spencer's espousal of flexible packaging and its participation in a UK-wide trial in the use of recycled PET for food and beverage packaging.

  • Counterfeiting: A Global Problem

    As counterfeit drugs continue to permeate markets on both sides of the Atlantic, pharmaceutical packaging and distribution systems are being developed to get to grips with the issue. PCI looks...

  • Cosmetics and the Chinese Gold Rush

    In China, brand awareness in the cosmetics sectors is causing western companies to scramble for a slice of this valuable market. Ursula Horne, Euromonitor, reports.

  • Siemens Look at RFID in the Pharmaceutical

    There are few technologies that currently appeal more to the imagination than the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The ability of tiny, intelligent chips to identify, characterise, track and...


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