• Sustainable equations

    In today's market, the eco-aware consumer cannot avoid being bombarded with information about sustainable development. Ian Dent, CEO of the Packaging Federation, looks at how businesses should balance environmental concerns...

  • A degree of flexibility

    David Atkinson looks at the current advances in UV cured ink systems for flexible package printing.

  • Patient progress

    Due to stringent legislative restrictions, pharmaceutical companies expect a high standard of quality and service from packagers, and these expectations are rising continually.

  • Candid camera

    Packaging and Converting Intelligence talks to Graham Lewis, head of high-speed video business at Keymed, and Robert Westerkamp, senior sales and marketing executive at Selo, about the need for impeccable...

  • Information and innovation

    Carl Olsmats, general secretary of the WPO, discusses the key ideas and developments that will feature in this issue of Packaging and Converting Intelligence.

  • Wrapping up the rules

    Sébastien Fily, international packaging development manager at Roche Consumer Healthcare, discusses the impact of new regulations on packing technologies for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

  • Plastic fantastic?

    Since plastic structures for packaging were first introduced, there has been one objective: to simulate the barrier properties of glass or metal. Professor Aaron Brody of the University of Georgia...

  • Active research

    Throughout history, packaging has protected food. George Sadler, professor of packaging at Illinois Institute of Technology, discusses the development of containers that can actively enhance their contents.

  • PET: The shape of things to come

    In the past year, there has been renewed interest in PET bottling of beer. Phil Gunning, vice president of sales and marketing at Amcor PET Packaging, discusses the development of...

  • Stand and Deliver

    Dennis Calamusa, of Alliedflex™ Technologies Inc, discusses the manifold benefits of stand-up pouch packaging.


Environment-Friendly, Cost-Efficient Die-Cut Lid Reels for Food Packaging

Primoreels is a Danish producer of lids for the food industry. By offering die-cut lids in reels, our easy-to-use system…
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