• An inkling of things to come

    The potential of RFID is becoming apparent across the spectrum of packaging, and other industries. However, before it can spread to all products it must become cheaper. Dr Daniel Engels,...

  • Making RFID Affordable

    RFID promises many potential benefits to industry, as it facilitates tracking of items, stocktaking and ordering. While there is a strong case for the technology, cost is one factor limiting...

  • Smart packaging moves pharma forward

    An ageing population and a high level of preventable medical errors are just two reasons for more sophisticated drug packaging and delivery. Dr Peter Harrop of IDTechEx describes the vital...

  • Colour schemes

    Keri Allen discusses the importance of colour management in printing to establish a uniform brand identity around the world.

  • Competitive ink

    Keri Allen examines the ways in which ink manufacturers are addressing the demands made upon printers for high definition and shorter run times.

  • A flexible future

    Packaging and Converting Intelligence investigates the boom of the flexible pouch industry, and asks industry leaders for their opinions on its future development.

  • Protect and print

    As end-users call for coatings and films that are more flexible and resistant, developers are attempting to meet their needs with innovative films and coatings that are suitable for digital...

  • Sustainable equations

    In today's market, the eco-aware consumer cannot avoid being bombarded with information about sustainable development. Ian Dent, CEO of the Packaging Federation, looks at how businesses should balance environmental concerns...

  • A degree of flexibility

    David Atkinson looks at the current advances in UV cured ink systems for flexible package printing.

  • Radio waves

    Simon Marsden, principal consultant at Pira, looks at the ways in which radio frequency identification can improve traceability in the supply chain, and the global effort to unify its application.


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