• The rise and rise of aluminium foil

    Aluminium foil may be thinner and lighter these days, but it is selling in ever- greater weight quantities. Why has it proved to be an increasingly popular packaging material?

  • Waste legislation under review

    The European Union Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste raises many questions, not least the need for a more innovative approach towards waste management.

  • The popularity of PET packaging

    Why is PET packaging the most widely used plastic packaging material? part of the answer is that its attributes are many and its future opportunities extensive.

  • Packaging vital to differentiation

    If new food products are to survive in the future, the packaging industry must keep pace with the constant development of shapes, materials and technology.

  • Designing smart labels

    A recognition tag on an existing anaesthetic represents an early groundbreaking example of the use of radio frequency identification.

  • Options for printing on demand

    Print-on-demand scenarios have enormous potential to reduce costs and are particularly well suited for market-specific products in small batches.

  • Increasing brand turnover

    Recent innovations in beverage packaging have brought, for example, cans in revolutionary new shapes. This has helped companies build brand preference through styling and convenience.


Environment-Friendly, Cost-Efficient Die-Cut Lid Reels for Food Packaging

Primoreels is a Danish producer of lids for the food industry. By offering die-cut lids in reels, our easy-to-use system…
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