Delphon subsidiary Gel-Pak has partnered with BAE Systems to create a new packaging solution for thin semiconductor devices.

The Lid/Clip Super System (LCS2) is designed to keep thin semiconductor components from slipping out of waffle pack chip tray pockets during in-process handling and transport.

The companies hope the solution, which is compatible with industry-standard waffle pack trays, will help semiconductor manufacturers overcome thin die migration problems.

According to Gel-Pak, semiconductor manufacturers often find it hard to deliver thin semiconductor die in industry-standard waffle packs.

These waffle packs do not properly hold the devices in place, and the movement of the components can often lead to costly component-out-of-pocket (COOP) damage.

The two companies developed the packaging solution after studying the causes of COOP.

The LCS2 product consists of pad and interleaf materials fitted into a static dissipative gold lid.

The tray and lid are joined by an engineered single-piece clip to close each waffle pack pocket.

Delphon sales and marketing VP Darby Davis said: “The new LCS2 product has the potential to save semiconductor manufacturers millions of dollars in costs associated with yield loss, rework labour and return merchandise authorisations (RMAs) caused by die migration.”

Gel-Pak manufactures exclusive gel and elastomer-based protective device carrier and film products that aim to avoid damage during handling.

Founded in 1980, the company uses an elastomer technology to produce its products, which include the Gel-Box, Gel-Tray, Gel-Slide, E-Film and patented Vacuum Release (VR).