Austria-based rigid and plastic packaging supplier Greiner Packaging has developed a sustainable packaging solution for Henkel’s new Somat Excellence 4in1 caps.

The cardboard-plastic tub uses 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polypropylene (PP) for the exterior coating sourced from end-consumer households. The tub’s interior is made of white virgin material.

The cardboard wrap features around 100% recycled material and can be easily separated from the plastic tub for recycling.

Greiner Packaging International project manager Andreas Auinger said: “Our longstanding customer Henkel was looking for an innovative, end-to-end packaging solution for the new Somat Excellence 4in1 caps. These are dishwasher detergent capsules containing both powder and three solid gel chambers.

“An effective seal to prevent moisture from getting into the packaging was especially important, and Greiner Packaging delivered an ideal solution by providing both the tub and lid.

“The main challenge in developing this packaging was the product inside, as the 4in1 caps are extremely sensitive to moisture. So the key requirement for the packaging was to ensure a perfect seal during both transport and storage.”

The lids for Henkel’s Somat tubs also feature a built-in sealing film to help prevent moisture and offer protection to the caps.

Henkel international dishwashing packaging development senior manager Carsten Bertram said: “Based on our experiences with other similarly designed packaging solutions, we already know that this type of smart, sustainable packaging from our partner Greiner Packaging is a big hit with consumers.

“Besides the new innovative Somat Excellence 4in1 caps, we also use the same packaging principle for the Somat Gold dishwasher tablets.”

Last April, Greiner Packaging provided Henkel with new Persil 4in1 DISCS detergent packaging containing 50% PCR PP obtained from discarded household plastics.

The combination of cardboard and plastic has reduced the packaging’s plastic content by more than 40% compared with the product’s previous packaging.