Foodservice distributor Hawaiian Kine Trading is set to supply sustainable straws in Hawaii from next month.

The company will distribute the straws across convenience stores and other food and beverage locations in the state.

The home compostable and ocean-safe drinking straws have been developed by single-use foodservice ware manufacturer UrthPact.

UrthPact’s straw conforms to plastics bans being imposed in Maui and Honolulu.

Hawaiian Kine Trading owner and co-founder Dallas Stewart said: “We couldn’t believe that you could have a drinking straw that satisfies both consumers and the planet! We’re proud to partner with UrthPact.

“They are smart, easy to work with and a world leader in their field. The straws being fully certified and made in the USA is a real plus, at a time when supply chains are being strained around the world.”

UrthPact uses naturally occurring materials to manufacture the straws in a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified facility in the US.

They are certified as home compostable by TUV Austria, and industry compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI).

UrthPact CEO Paul Boudreau said: “We applaud Hawaiian Kine Trading for being the newest addition to join in the revolution against petroleum-based plastics that are littering our roadways, shorelines and destroying our oceans.”

In addition to straws, UrthPact manufactures compostable single-use cutlery, compostable disposable water bottles and caps, as well as compostable packaging for coffee.

The company aims to prevent 25 billion pieces of plastics from reaching oceans and landfills by 2028.