A cable for juicy connections

Finding a "catchy" brand name can cause a lot of headache for manufacturers. Usually all interesting nouns are already taken by competitors, and the less interesting just do not sound right. But how about thinking outside the box?

The Juice brand for FMCG electronics launched by Gusto Telecom is one example of such an approach. The combination of a rather common word associated with a specific packaging type but transformed into the brand name for a completely different category of products is so unusual and striking that it begs attention.

The Juice-branded micro USB charge and sync cable for connecting mobile phones and other devices comes in a free-standing pouch with a pour spout set into an angled seal at one corner, typically used for semi-liquid or liquid products, including juices. The gray cable, clearly visible through an unprinted window area to the front of the pack, is coiled inside the pouch and secured by metal ties. The pouch has an all-over glossy surface finish and a punched aperture to center top for rack display. It also features a tear notch at the top for opening.

"The packaging is not a 'fake' mock-up – it is a real pouch with fully working closure and could be potentially used for liquids. This makes its application unconventional and even a bit bizarre," comments Pawel Urban, packaging analyst for GlobalData. The use of that kind of pack for FMCG electronics helps to build a strong image for the entire brand by close association with its name. In addition, "Sync don’t drink" text printed at the bottom of pack adds yet another element of fun to this unusual application of pouch. "The whole range of Juice-branded USB cables and other items comes in similar type of pouches of various sizes and colors, creating a strong point of difference for the brand. I believe there may be more cross-category packaging innovations of that kind in the future as this one clearly shows how effective they can be," Urban adds.