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Singapore’s Nutri-Grade to spur the adoption of nutrient labeling in the Asia-Pacific

The country’s new laws require manufacturers and retailers to display a Nutri-Grade mark on the front of their product packaging.

Cyber-attacks are an underestimated threat to the packaging industry

The increasing use of smart technology has heightened the risk of coming under attack from malicious hackers.

‘Refill a box’ scheme offers retailers another way to cut single-use plastic in-store

To use the “Refill a Box” scheme, Morrisons’ customers can use the CauliBox app to collect an empty box by scanning the QR code.

Price is the sole factor deterring mass-market adoption of edible straws in Asia

On 1 January 2021, the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment enforced a nationwide ban on the use of single-use plastic straws in restaurants.

MAREA collaborative approach aligns with 90% of Malaysians who prioritise recycling

MAREA is a voluntary, industry-led alliance of CPG companies committed to extended producer responsibility.

Secure, hygienic and sustainable designs will be key packaging trends in 2022

Innovation in packaging design to enhance security and sustainability will be key as consumers look into more environmentally friendly options.

Coca-Cola Philippines takes landmark step of phasing out plastic sachets and straws

The decision will have significant implications for the Philippines, which is battling the scourge of marine pollution.

Gousto trials sustainable edible pack, but hygiene trends challenge wide application

Gousto has announced its aim to introduce the first edible packaging solution, although questions regarding hygiene and shelf life need to be addressed before the launch.

New UK allergen labelling law addresses the dangers of mislabelling

The new law, known as Natasha’s Law, was launched in the UK on October 1st 2021. Natasha’s Law makes it a legal requirement for pre-packaged and freshly prepared food to have full ingredient labelling and allergen labelling on the packaging for full consumer transparency.

Tesco’s ‘zero-waste’ trial reflects the growing demand to tackle plastic waste

Tesco’s trial of reusable packaging could attract the attention of environmentally conscious consumers.