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CP Foods aims at zero-carbon production processes throughout its supply chain

A GlobalData survey has shown that Thai consumers are growing more aware of the environmental impact of their product choices.

Moro launches olive oil in fully recyclable Eco Bottle in Australia

The Eco Bottles are available in all supermarkets and delis across Australia and are estimated to cost A$30.

iD launches iD Squeeze & Fry Vada Batter 2.0 in a convenient packaging format

A survey by GlobalData showed that 81% of Indian consumers consider convenience as an essential driver of their purchasing habits.

PepsiCo India launches Pepsi Black carbonates in 100% recycled PET bottles

The company collaborated with its bottling partner, Varun Beverages, and Srichakra Polyplast, a recycling company to produce rPET bottles in India.

New sustainable packaging regulations present valuable opportunities

The new rules reflected the reality that current voluntary targets and guidelines for Australia’s packaging industry have not worked.

Singapore’s Nutri-Grade to spur the adoption of nutrient labeling in the Asia-Pacific

The country’s new laws require manufacturers and retailers to display a Nutri-Grade mark on the front of their product packaging.

Cyber-attacks are an underestimated threat to the packaging industry

The increasing use of smart technology has heightened the risk of coming under attack from malicious hackers.

‘Refill a box’ scheme offers retailers another way to cut single-use plastic in-store

To use the “Refill a Box” scheme, Morrisons’ customers can use the CauliBox app to collect an empty box by scanning the QR code.

Price is the sole factor deterring mass-market adoption of edible straws in Asia

On 1 January 2021, the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment enforced a nationwide ban on the use of single-use plastic straws in restaurants.

MAREA collaborative approach aligns with 90% of Malaysians who prioritise recycling

MAREA is a voluntary, industry-led alliance of CPG companies committed to extended producer responsibility.