iD Fresh Foods has launched its iD Squeeze & Fry Vada Batter 2.0 with innovative and convenient packaging in India. The newly launched pack gives consumers the option to add their own condiments, thereby allowing them to customise and personalise the batter/vadas (Indian fritters) as per their preferences.

Consumers’ evolving lifestyles and preferences are pushing companies to innovate. As more consumers return to their physical workplaces, the demand for convenience foods is on the rise.

GlobalData’s 2023 first-quarter consumer survey revealed that 81% of Indian consumers consider convenience as an essential or preferable feature while purchasing a product.

This motivated iD, a leading Indian fresh foods manufacturer, to launch its new iD Squeeze & Fry Vada Batter 2.0 product in a convenient squeeze and fry packaging format. This customisation feature could attract 67% of Indian consumers who are always or often influenced by how the product or service is tailored to their needs and personality.

The transparent window on the pack allows consumers to check whether their condiments have been properly mixed with the batter, reducing product wastage. Furthermore, the newly upgraded spout of the squeezable flexible packaging ensures that the batter does not stick to the spout after it is poured out.

With this launch, iD aims to provide a better product and concurrently a great consumer experience. The company has also launched a campaign for its product, ‘Your Vada, Your Way Da!’, to promote the company’s convenient and customisable approach to preparing a traditional Indian delicacy.

iD’s new innovation could appeal strongly to working adults and homemakers who want an easy approach to preparing traditional breakfast dishes and snacks during the morning rush hour, or in the post-work hours of the evening.

This is supported by GlobalData’s survey finding that the product/service purchases of 65% of surveyed Indian consumers are often or always influenced by how well the product/service aligns with their time and money constraints.