Visy, a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, has launched recyclable paper bags made domestically in Australia. The launch supports a circular economy, and the bags are recyclable through kerbside bins. The bags are made of thicker paper using recycled content and have Forestry Stewardship Council certification, which ensures environmental reliability.

Visy processes 40% of Australia’s kerbside recycling bins in partnership with councils throughout the country. The company specialises in providing integrated solutions across sectors such as logistics, packaging and retail. Its primary objective is to offer packaging that is recyclable, re-usable and incorporates higher levels of recycled materials.

The demand for sustainable packaging is expected to be strong in Australia as consumers are immensely conscious of environmental impacts and the sustainability of the products and services they purchase. This is substantiated by a GlobalData consumer survey finding, which revealed that 69% of Australian respondents feel that factors such as recyclability and sustainability have a considerable impact on their buying decisions. An increasing number of companies are expected to adopt sustainable and recyclable packaging in the foreseeable future due to rising consumer concerns about the environment, recyclability and sustainability,