MULTIVAC Production’s Packaging Machinery Parts and Components Facility, Sofia, Bulgaria


MULTIVAC Bulgaria Production (MBP) is developing a new parts and components production facility near Sofia, Bulgaria, for MULTIVAC's packaging machines. The company is the Bulgarian subsidiary of German packaging solutions provider MULTIVAC.

The new facility's ground-breaking ceremony took place on 15 September 2016, with the first phase being expected to be complete by September 2017. The facility is being developed within the Sofia-Bozhurishte Economic Zone and is expected to begin full operations in 2019.

With an estimated total investment of €18.8m ($20.08m approximately), the new production facility is anticipated to create approximately 150 jobs. The project development is being supported by the local municipality, as well as other agencies.

Make-up of MULTIVAC Bulgaria Production's new facility

The facility is being developed in the western outskirts of Sofia, Bulgaria, on a 20,000m² site. The new production site is expected to enable MULTIVAC to provide customers with first-rate product parts in addition to service.

Its production complex will comprise a manufacturing building, a warehouse and logistics base, as well as a centre for vocational education. The total area of the plant will be 6,500m², including logistics and administration facilities.

The facility will currently provide space for shared IT services and strategic sourcing, with a prospect to add research and development (R&D) department in future.

Key players involved with the packaging machinery parts and components facility

National Company Industry Zones and the Bulgarian Investment Agency provided the necessary support for development of the new MULTIVAC Bulgaria production facility by providing eligible investment incentives.

Bulgarian company, MIKS-Construction, was awarded the construction contract for the plant, while IPS Group is engaged as the project manager.

MULTIVAC's products portfolio

MULTIVAC Group's packaging machinery portfolio includes a wide range of thermoforming packaging and vacuum chamber machines, tray sealers, automation solution, films and consumable materials, and shrinking and drying units.

The company offers different series of thermoforming packaging machines for processing flexible and rigid films, as well as aluminium and other packaging materials.

Machines in the vacuum chamber product class consist of table-top and free-standing units, which are used for packing film pouches and smaller products respectively. The company is manufacturing double chamber machines and belted chamber machines for packing larger products.

"The total area of the plant will be 6,500m², including logistics and administration facilities."

MULTIVAC's vacuum chambers can be easily operated either as a stand-alone machine or can be included within an automated packaging line.

The MULTIVAC automation system provides in-depth solutions for packaging and automation tasks, from a single process step to a complete solution.

Marketing commentary on MULTIVAC

MULTIVAC is one of the leading packaging solutions providers for food products, life science products, healthcare products and industrial items. The company's portfolio is made up of products designed to meet customers' requirements in the areas of packaging design, output and resource efficiency.

Headquartered in Wolfertschwenden (Allgäu), Germany, MULTIVAC employs approximately 4,850 members globally. The company currently operates a production and technical service facility in Bulgaria, with an employee base of 35.

MULTIVAC's first product vacuum chamber machine, which packed foodstuff in film pouches, was introduced by its founder Sepp Haggenmüller in 1961. The company manufactured its first thermoforming packaging machine in 1967 and the first semi-automatic tray-sealer in 1984.

It developed the semi-automatic traysealer for packing foodstuff into ready-made trays in 1984, and automatic traysealers in 1994.