Niagara Bottling's Manufacturing and Bottling Facility, Virginia, United States of America

Niagara Bottling announced its plans to build a new manufacturing and bottling centre with an investment of $95m in Chesterfield County, Virginia, US, in August 2016.

The facility, which is scheduled to be operational in March 2017, is expected to create 76 manufacturing jobs in Chesterfield County. It will allow Niagara Bottling to better serve the growing demand for its bottled water products, while also supporting its expansion in the east coast of the nation.

Construction of Niagara Bottling's new facility in Virginia

Niagara Bottling's new manufacturing and bottling facility will be built by Choate Construction Company, a contracting and construction management company based in Georgia, US.

The project, which will be spread over 62 acres, will have a 557,000ft² warehouse comprising parking area, offices, utilities, stormwater management units, and drive aisles.

A planned $50m-worth second phase will create an additional 50 jobs at the site.

Details of Niagara Bottling's new bottling plant

The bottling facility will be installed with state-of-the-art filtration, disinfection and purification technologies to produce Niagara brand and private label high-quality bottled water.

The plant is expected to use 900,000 gallons of Chesterfield County water a day for producing purified water.

Location advantages

The new plant will be located next to's distribution centre at the 900-acre Meadowville technology park in Chesterfield County. The Meadowville Technology Park is well connected to Niagara Bottling's current and growing customers.

Collaboration between the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, the Greater Richmond Partnership and Chesterfield County, played a key role in establishing the facility.

Chesterfield County has approximately 304,744 drinking water customers, and three water sources, which include Swift Creek Reservoir, Lake Chesdin and James River.

The Government of Virginia agreed to provide a $500,000 funding, through the Commonwealth's Opportunity Fund, for the project in order to support Chesterfield County.

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership's Virginia Jobs Investment Program will provide Niagara Bottling with funding and services to assist employee training at the plant. Additionally, the company will get sales and can use tax deductions on the bottling manufacturing machinery.

Niagara Bottling's bottled water production process

The Niagara bottles are made using polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic and high-density polyethylene caps.

The sourced water is transferred to the facility through a stainless steel pipeline and is then treated using carbon filtration, aeration and/or ultra-violet (UV) disinfection technologies. The treated water goes through the reverse osmosis process and then stored in stainless steel tanks.

The stored water is disinfected using ozone sanitation system and then fed into bottling and labelling equipment. Samples are collected and tested at the company's lab to ensure safety of the finished products.

Marketing commentary on Niagara Bottling

Founded in 1963, Niagara Bottling is the biggest family-owned and operated bottled water manufacturer and supplier in the US.

Headquartered in Ontario, California, the company operates 19 bottling plants in the US. In the early 1990s, Niagara expanded its business to provide single-serve private label bottled water to grocery and club stores, convenience and wholesalers.

The company's products include purified drinking and spring water, sparkling water, multi-vitamin enhanced water, and soft drinks.