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Discussing the packaging generation gap with Kantar TNS

While attitudes towards plastic packaging waste have begun to change, research from Kantar TNS suggests that different age brackets believe the solution to reducing unnecessary packaging lies in drastically different approaches. Elliot Gardner finds out more.

Paper packaging: using moulded fibre as a sustainable alternative

As an alternative to plastic, Colourform from James Cropper uses a process similar to paper-making to create sustainable packaging. Elliot Gardner speaks to Colourform commercial director Susan Wilson to find out more.

Could artificial intelligence fix the date labelling problem?

Could artificial intelligence be the next step forward for the packaging and labelling sector? OAL head of innovation Jake Norman thinks so. Elliot Gardner hears more

Edible circuits: the graphene printing breakthrough

A new application for laser-induced graphene from researchers at Rice University has the potential to shake up the food and

Touch and go: tactile innovation in ‘best before’ date food labelling

Best before dates have caused a great deal of controversy for the role they play in contributing to food waste. Solveiga Pakštaitė from Mimica Labs talks about a new packaging label product that she hopes will solve the problem.

What does 2018 hold for the packaging industry?

2017 was a huge year for the packaging industry, but what will 2018 hold? Antalis Packaging makes its predictions.

The next industrial revolution: Packaging and ‘Industry 4.0’

As the manufacturing sector moves towards Industry 4.0, so too must the supply chain supporting it, particularly packaging, without which no goods can move. Martin Leeming, CEO of Trakrap, looks at the challenges and opportunities the smart factory presents for the packaging industry.

Something sweeter: creating plastic from sugarcane

Sustainable plastic has had a tricky past, but could green polyethylene created from sugarcane be the future?

The UK budget: where does the packaging industry stand?

The UK budget has labelled the use and disposal of plastic as a matter of concern – but where does this leave the packaging industry?

Iggesund: Apple’s not-so-secret sustainable packaging partner

Swedish company Iggesund has worked to supply electronics giant Apple with materials for its packaging for over a decade, but the relationship between the two companies has been kept under wraps for years. Elliot Gardner finds out more.