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Lauren Holtmeier is an editor at GlobalData.

Lessons learned from the use of thermal spray applications in process vessels and columns

While weld metal overlay remains a reliable option, laboratory testing and performance validation, field application, and subsequent site inspections of High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) alloy cladding projects have confirmed this solution to perform “in the same league” with several added benefits.

Protecting mission critical equipment with the new generation of high velocity thermal spray

High velocity thermal spray (HVTS), also known as the high velocity alloy cladding, has continued to evolve. Now, it’s being used to safeguard mission critical equipment across a variety of verticals.

Renewables conversion: welding alternative cuts cost in half

Refiners converting operations to renewable fuels production are faced with new challenges as equipment is introduced to new materials, pressures and temperatures that strains the equipment. To protect equipment, costly upgrades are often needed, but IGS solutions offer cost savings for firms transitioning to renewable energy production.

Stopping fireside metal wastage in waste-to-energy and biomass boilers

As the European waste to energy and biomass market rapidly grows, burning an ever-increasing variety of different fuels, boiler engineers will face more arduous corrosion and erosion metal wastage challenges.