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Unpacked: new issue of Inside Packaging out now!

In this issue, we look at refill dispensers on trial in supermarkets, Unilever’s new paper bottle concept, and much more.

UK Deposit Return Scheme: more harm than good?

Jessie Paige looks into the details of the UK DRS scheme and talks to Alupro’s Rick Hindley to find out more about what issues the UK DRS scheme may present and how it could be improved

The sustainable cup: new issue of Inside Packaging out now!

In this issue, we look at the sustainability credentials of aluminium cups, lockdown’s impact on takeaway packaging, the potential problems caused by the new UK DRS, and much more

Is there potential in hemp for bioplastics?

As more companies move towards biopolymers as an alternative to fossil-fuel-based plastic, some are considering hemp as a potential biomass source, but can this ‘wonder crop’ make an impact in the world of bioplastic? Heidi Vella investigates.

Building trust in ocean plastics

Awareness of ocean-bound plastic has heightened over recent years, as have efforts to collect, recycle and re-use it. However, many brands and manufacturers still have concerns about its quality, collection processes, and cost that are potentially hindering the scalability of the market. Heidi Vella speaks to the companies working to build trust within the sector.

A poor state of recycling: challenges in the US

Environmental concerns are global, but the US in particular often finds its recycling infrastructure under the spotlight. Jessie Paige looks into how recycling works in the US, what challenges it faces, and how these challenges can be overcome.

What’s the reaction to the Basel Convention amendments?

Following the recent amendments to the Basel Convention, Jessie Paige hears the reaction from recycling experts to find out about what the changes to the treaty, which regulates the disposal of hazardous wastes, means for UK-based companies.

Inside Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme

Following the announcement in 2020 of a trial scheme, and subsequent rollout in Scotland, Jessie Paige talks to Zero Waste Scotland to find out what the future holds.

Safety drivers poise NFC packaging for growth in 2021

Jessie Paige looks at how safety and security are driving the growth in the NFC packaging market.