Cartons are the most versatile and visible elements of packaging, offering a great alternative to plastic packaging. Folding cartons are essential in the presentation, safe handling and logistics of a variety of products, including fast-moving consumer goods.

Choosing the right packaging machine and case packaging machine is important for creating the ideal type of carton and case packaging needed for your product.

Find leading carton and case packaging machine providers

Packaging Gateway has listed the top suppliers and providers of case/tray, palletising and packaging machines, as well as fully automatic packaging lines, based on extensive expertise in the packaging sector. The list includes providers of case packaging machines, pallet packaging machines, carton packaging machines, carton erectors, crate packer systems, stretch wrapping equipment and tray formers.

The information contained in the download document is designed for packaging specialists, packaging designers, production supervisors, and logistics managers and specialists.

The download also contains detailed information on suppliers and their product lines, alongside contact details to aid with purchasing decisions.

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Types of carton and case packaging machines

Case packing machines are available as modular, robotic, automatic and semi-automatic and can be chosen based on the packaging line requirements. Machines need to be chosen based on the type of package and product being handled, such as pouches, bags, cartons, boxes, jugs or containers.

Case packers also come in a variety of options, including top loading, side loading and drop packing. A carton packing machine that can be integrated with case erectors, case sealers and wrappers would be an ideal choice for packaging producers.

Uses of pallet packaging machines

Pallet packaging machines and palletisers enable the sorting and stacking of cartons and cases at the end of the production line. Palletisers also perform a range of other tasks, including metering of products, arranging the loads in rows and transporting them onto pallet racks.

Packaging producers and manufacturers can choose from robotic, low-level, high-level and in-line palletisers based on their needs. Automatic and robotic palletisers are more effective than manual palletisers as they provide load stability, precision and improved operation speed, while also serving as a convenient option for high-volume shipping.

The length of the case or carton, the weight of cases and the number of cases per layer are some of the factors that need to be considered when selecting a pallet packaging machine.