Packaging design helps in creating first impressions with consumers. It also enables a product to stand out on a retail shelf and serves as a motivational trigger.

Holographics can help in creating attractive packaging for products and prevent possible counterfeiting.

Find top package design companies and holographics providers

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The importance of package design layout

The design of a package is one of the key factors responsible for the success of a product. A poorly designed package may not appeal to consumers or can discourage them from buying the product. Alternatively, a carefully planned package design layout creates a visual appeal among consumers and improves a brand’s image.

When designing the layout of a package, it is essential to remember to keep it consistent in terms of the brand logo, colours, and typography to achieve brand recognition. The design should also be easy to understand, practical, user-friendly, and convey the details of the product quickly.

Incorporating textures into packaging using techniques such as embossing, hot or cold stamping, and lamination can further enhance the appeal of a package. Creating a prototype of a package design layout is important as it allows the packaging to be tested before launching.

Use of holographics in packaging

Holographic packaging designs create three-dimensional and eye-catching effects on the packaging. The premium look generated by holographics can help increase sales and ensure that products stand out.

Holography is relatively low in cost and versatile as it can be used on a range of substrates and works well with various print and conversion technologies. Custom-designed holographic patterns can also be incorporated with track-and-trace security features to prevent counterfeiting and reinforce brand identities.