Packaging quality assurance

Packaging inspection and detection are essential steps for the prevention of contamination or damage, as well as to preserve brand loyalty. Damaged or poor packaging can impact the brand image, quality and safety of a product or even lead to costly product recalls.

Inspection and detection of a package cover various aspects, such as checking the integrity of the packaging, reducing wastage, leak detection, label quality or missing labels, and packaging codes and barcode quality verification.

Packaging inspection systems and testing

Choosing the right packaging is critical to ensuring that it is strong enough to withstand unpredictable weather and storage conditions, as well as potential rough handling during shipping. The chosen packaging materials need to be evaluated and tested to check their mechanical and chemical properties such as tensile strength, compression and environmental impact.

Packaging inspection and testing can be manual, mechanical or automated depending on the products being packaged. Some inspections carried out by machines include:

  • Package seal inspection to ensure sterile and contaminant-free packaging
  • Tamper-proof packaging inspection to ensure product quality
  • Contaminant material inspection to detect foreign material, such as air pockets, dust and hair
  • Bottlecap inspection to check whether bottles are sealed correctly
  • Cosmetic defect inspection to check for cracks, scratches, over-wrap or under-wrap issues, and other defects
  • Packaging traceability using barcodes and serialisation to track-and-trace products, as well as prevent counterfeiting
  • Label inspection to check whether product-specific data is displayed or labels are applied correctly

Top suppliers of inspection and detection machines for packaging quality control

Packaging Gateway has listed leading providers of inspection and detection machines. The list includes established suppliers of leak detection systems and devices, spectrometers, smart sensors, package inspection technologies and solutions, and barcode reading and verification devices.

The information contained within the download document is designed for quality control analysts and executives, optical and visual inspection operators, inspection and packaging experts, packaging supervisors, and quality assurance technicians.

The download contains detailed information on the suppliers and their product offerings, as well as contact details to help with purchasing decisions.

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Choosing the right package leak detector

Packaging defects may surface despite manufacturers and packagers taking the utmost care in packaging their products. Package leak detection has, therefore, emerged as an important part of the quality control process.

The right package leak detector should be able to increase the speed of production while detecting integrity issues with high precision. It should also be durable, cost-effective and suitable for different types of packaging.