Packaging machinery is of vital importance to any competitive packaging company. Packaging itself has come a long way from merely containing and protecting consumer and industrial products, to playing an increasingly important role in different areas of business, including supply chain and brand management. 

Innovative packaging solutions and machinery are paving the way for the sector’s evolution and transformation to suit consumer preferences and sustainability requirements of diverse industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer sectors. 

Top packaging machinery manufacturers and component suppliers

Packaging Gateway has listed the leading packaging machinery companies and component manufacturers, based on its intel, insights, and experience in the sector. 

The information contained in the document is designed for production and plant operations managers, product design and packaging consultants, materials handling officials, procurement officers, as well as any other individual involved in packaging innovation, process automation, environmental footprint management, and product quality, safety, and hygiene assurance. 

The download contains detailed information on the suppliers and their product lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing decision. 

The list features manufacturers and suppliers of a whole range of packaging machinery, equipment, and services that includes: 

  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic filling machines 
  • Slitting, winding and spooling machines 
  • Flow wrappers, pouch machines, cartoners and sealers  
  • Advanced weighing, counting, sorting, grading and packing machines 
  • Flexible packaging converters, slitters, unwinders and rewinders  
  • Packaging solutions for the dairy industry 
  • Unitising and palletising systems 
  • Wrapping, case-packing, strapping and conveyor systems 
  • Rollstock thermoformers, automatic tray sealers and vacuum chamber machines 
  • Laminate and cosmetic tube, metal cap and bottling lines 
  • Robotic packaging solutions 

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Packaging machinery industry

Packaging equipment has evolved into a highly fragmented and competitive industry. With the growing acceptance of different packaging materials and container forms, emerging markets require different types of packaging solutions and suppliers to drive consumer engagement through innovative and sustainable packaging. 

Consumer and industrial products and services companies seek packaging partners with expertise in materials, structural design, and automation to optimise packaging performance and sustainability. 

Packaging machinery trends

The rising demand for online goods, shifting consumer preferences, growing industry regulations for recyclable and reusable packaging, and an increasing interest in alternative eco-friendlier packaging materials to plastic are together driving the integration of advanced technologies into packaging. 

With growing initiatives for the circular economy worldwide, companies are adopting innovative packaging solutions to limit the packaging volume and minimise the weight, while optimising product safety, hygiene, and consumer preferences. 

Packaging lines are also being increasingly equipped with disruptive technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to reduce packaging costs while improving processes and increasing efficiency.