Shrink wrapping or shrink wrap packaging is a flexible and versatile packaging solution used to protect, seal, and preserve products during transit and storage. It is one of the primary packaging solutions used in several industries, including pharmaceuticals, fast moving consumer goods, food, cosmetics, and electronic products.

The right form of shrink film and the required heat are some of the basic elements to look for while selecting a shrink wrap packaging machine and stretch wrapping machine.

Discover top suppliers of shrink wrap packaging machines and stretch wrapping machines

Packaging Gateway has listed some of the leading suppliers of shrink wrap packaging equipment, including stretch wrappers, pallet securing solutions, and stretch wrapping machines and equipment, based on extensive expertise in the packaging sector. The list includes providers of sleeving systems and sleeving applicators, stretch hood wrapping, sleeve and tape solutions, and shrink and wrap food packaging machines.

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Types of shrink wrapping machines

Some of the types of shrink wrapping and stretch wrapping machines include box wrapping machines, sleeve wrapping machine, heat shrink tunnel machine, bottle sleeve wrapping machines, and L bar.

Shrink food wrapping machines, hand wrappers, high-speed shrink wrappers, shrink sleeve wrapping machines, side seal shrink wrappers, bundle shrink wrappers, liner shrink wrappers, and over-wrapping packing machine are some of the other types of shrink wrap packaging machines.

The machines are available in automatic and semi-automatic options for various types of products.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC), polyolefin (POF), and polyethylene (PE) are some of the types of shrink films used by shrink wrap packaging machines. PVC shrink film is affordable and versatile but is susceptible to becoming brittle after exposing to heat and is mainly used for packaging software products, retail packaging, packaging boxes and non-food items.

POF shrink film offers high clarity and is temperature-resistant. It is FDA-approved and safe for use in packaging of food products such as frozen food, baked goods, and candies, apart from printed and paper goods.

PE shrink film is stronger and more durable compared to PVC and POF film. It is used for industrial applications such as wrapping beverage multipacks and pallet wrapping.

Advantages of shrink wrap packaging

Shrink wrap packaging is the easiest form of packaging that provides several benefits, including protection from damage caused by heat, dust and moisture. It is sturdy and durable as it does not weaken or tear upon exposure to heat and cold.

Shrink wrapping provides tamper-proof protection for products, which is the main reason behind its wide-spread usage by pharmaceutical and food manufacturers. It is also cost-effective as it bundles products reducing the need for space, which in turn maximises space in storage and transport.