Cloud-based solutions in the packaging industry reduce cost, streamline the business IT infrastructure, improve flexibility, help in scaling up operations and provide data security. Cloud computing is also revolutionising the packaging label and print industry across the supply chain ranging from the designing of artwork to the delivery of the final product.

Discover the leading cloud solution companies in the packaging industry 

Using its experience in the sector, Packaging Gateway has listed some of the leading companies providing products and services related to cloud solutions.

The information provided in the download document is drafted for packaging executives and technology leaders involved in cloud packaging solutions. 

The download contains detailed information on suppliers and their product offerings, alongside contact details to aid purchase or hiring decisions.

The leading suppliers of cloud packaging solutions include Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Alphabet, Workday, Infor, ADOBE and ServiceNow.

Benefits of cloud computing in the packaging industry

Shared infrastructure and flexibility

Cloud computing facilitates the use of shared IT infrastructure and services for the creation of a flexible, scalable, and on-demand IT environment. It reduces resource consumption and provides access to cost-efficient IT infrastructure to the users.

The usage of efficient technology in warehouses allows customers to receive their packages more quickly than ever.


Businesses are continuously adopting sustainable packaging solutions and approaches to reduce the visibility of plastic across the supply chain and limit their carbon footprint. Cloud infrastructure enables companies to share and develop sustainable product packaging ideas that are in compliance with global sustainability requirements.

Remote operations

Covid-19 would have brought packaging businesses to an abrupt halt if the investments in the cloud were not made over the last decade. The investment holds the potential to remodel and elevate the way some packaging businesses operate. The technology enables remote access to machinery and equipment for operators to ensure businesses operate without any interruptions.