Tapì Bottle Closures for Spirits, Drinks, Olive Oil, Wine, Cosmetics and Beer

Tapì designs, produces and distributes high-end technological closures for the condiment, cosmetics and alcoholic beverage sectors.

We have consistently invested in R&D, personnel and brand marketing to become a leading supplier of alternative closures for the packaging design sector.

Tapì works with leading producers of beer, condiments, spirits, wine and cosmetics to establish new industry standards.

Customised closures for cosmetics, beverages and condiments

Tapì’s product range includes T-closures, corks and T-caps, which are available in a selection of materials and recyclable options also available.

Our bar-top closure designs incorporate simplicity, craftsmanship, boldness and technical innovation.

Bar-top enclosures, stoppers and pourers

Tapì offers a collection of bar-top closures and pourers for easy drinks dispensing.

We offer solutions such as corks, stoppers and T-caps, which are available in aluminium, wood, and transparent synthetic, as well as soft or hard plastic.

Each Tapì stopper features a design that incorporates high-quality, cutting-edge raw materials.

Signature closures for premium spirits, dressings and cosmetics

The Tapì Signature closures are designed for condiments, beauty products, and brown and white spirits such as whisky, tequila, vodka and brandy.

Available in wood, ceramic and stone, all products are customisable and the result of design and technological innovation.

Alterative closures for wines

The Tapì Wine range is the most comprehensive line of alternative closures worldwide, as it effectively retains wine quality and CO2 levels.

All Wine solutions combine performance, design and ergonomic principles to ensure return on investment.

We also offer a range of complementary products such as capsules with a wax top disc and relevant applicators, aluminium screw caps, as well as closures for barriques and barrels developed in partnership with the European Design Institute.

Specialised closures for beer products

Tapì offers specialised enclosures for beer under its dedicated Revò brand.

Among them, the innovative Mekano mechanical closure incorporates technological innovation and new aesthetic trends in the beer industry. The enclosure is suitable for any type of bottle in the food sector and manufactured with raw materials compliant with stringent international standards for food-contact materials.

Our investment in R&D and technology focused on beer reflect our aim to focus on an evolving, export-driven market and the opportunities offered by craft breweries and pubs.

About Tapì

Tapì has more than 400 employees to support approximately 3,000 customers worldwide.

Our dedicated R&D facilities include training and quality control laboratories, as well as a design and testing department and an automated machinery division. We aim to deliver a high-quality closure that meets clients’ exact specifications.

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The Detail that Makes the Difference

We have launched a new innovation for Tapì-designed screw-cap closures.

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We have launched a new innovation for Tapì-designed screw-cap closures.

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