Changing lifestyles have resulted in significant changes to the food products that fill the supermarket shelves, in terms of packaging as well as the products themselves. Innovative solutions such as flexible food pouches from Mondi Packaging add value to standard products such as fruit, vegetables, fish and rice. For brand manufacturers targeting discerning consumers, they provide a competitive edge over traditional packaging such as cans.

Range of options.

Stand-up food pouches are flexible, not only in regards to the laminate used, but also in terms of the shapes available. The pouch is customizable, allowing for, for example, rounded edges for better handling and greater stability, or shapes that reflect the nature of the product or brand. Mondi Packaging Consumer Flexibles has also developed a wide range of add-on features to enhance end-user convenience, including spouts, handles, tear-notches, punch-holes, and re-closable zippers.

Premium appearance.

High-quality printing with up to ten colours and special inks, (eg. metallic or pearlescent) ensure an elegant, attractive appearance, while transparent windows allow the consumer to see the product inside. Stand-up pouches are the only flexible packaging solution that is retortable while at the same time allowing transparency.

Modern convenience.

Flexible food pouches from Mondi Packaging enhance contemporary lifestyles and cooking habits. Single-serve pouches are ideal for one-person households and working people preparing their own lunch in a microwave. They can be opened easily without additional implements and emptied without spillage. Pouches designed for multiple use can be re-closed and stored neatly.

Preserving the food while retaining the vitamins.

Flexible stand-up pouches from Mondi Packaging offer an attractive combination of properties to both producers and consumers: a long shelf life, without loss of vitamins and flavour. This is thanks to the reduced retort time for a slim pouch, in which the necessary temperature is reached faster than in a bulky can, aluminium pouch or carton. This gentle retorting process means that vitamins, minerals and the original taste of the meal are preserved more fully. The laminates used for Mondi Packaging pouches have excellent barrier properties and ensure delicate food is kept safe from oxygen, moisture and light.

Economical, with a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Flexible pouches are lightweight (60% reduction compared to some cans) and have lower transport and storage volume. They are also superior to other packaging solutions in terms of the range of possible shapes, sizes and formats.

Mondi Packaging stand-up pouches are currently in use for a wide range of food types, including fish and seafood, rice, soups and sauces, vegetables and mushrooms, cheese, fruit puree, coffee and salt.


Mondi Packaging Consumer Flexibles is an innovative supplier of active and convenient packaging for the pet food, food and non-food, confectionary and snacks as well as medical and pharmaceutical industries. These solutions comprise high quality polyethylene-coated and laminated papers, boards, films, stand-up pouches and plastic bags.

We provide flexible packaging solutions with a variety of features such as barrier properties, professional printing and end-user functionalities like easy opening, pourability and microwaveability. Our production sites are BRC/IoP and ISO 9000:2000 certified. product development and innovation are key priorities of Mondi Packaging Consumer Flexibles, enabling us to offer tailor-made solutions to protect and promote our customers’ products.