Bryan Elwick, site manager of Styropack UK’s Grimsby site, has been transferred to Synbra
Technology in The Netherlands. Bryan takes on the role of project development manager
in the materials development team, where he will play a key role in facilitating the roll out
of the Synbra Group innovation portfolio in the UK.

Jan Noordegraaf, managing director of Synbra Technology explains, “Bryan’s expertise and
experience in processing expanded polystyrene (EPS) will be invaluable in the final stages
of developing our two new materials Xire® and BioFoam®.”

In the project’s first phase, Bryan will work with Synbra Technology in The Netherlands. In
the second, he will return to the UK to work closely with the operations teams in the
Synbra Group’s two UK operations, Styropack and Vencel Resil, to develop the full
potential of the products in practical applications.

Synbra Technology is an award-winning raw material production and development centre,
and Bryan is excited about this new opportunity: “I am looking forward to the challenge of
assisting the outstanding team at Synbra Technology to bring these pioneering products to
the marketplace. And, of course, it will be great to return to the UK to work closely with my colleagues in
operations to realise the full potential of these new products. These groundbreaking materials will help to secure a profitable and secure future for the
Synbra Group and it’s a great privilege for me to play a part in their development.”