A new high performance lidding film for sandwich packs which combines excellent barrier properties with easy peel has been launched.

PropaLid™, from Surface Specialties, is a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film which will provide a strong but easy peel seal to APET, CPET or PVC sandwich packs for extended shelf life.

Cost-effective in comparison to competitive substrates, the film provides a high barrier to water vapour, gases and aromas. It is heat sealable on both sides.

The film is extremely glossy and has anti-mist properties for improved pack presentation. One side of the film is printable and the other features Surface Specialties’ unique peelable seal coating.

Says Surface Specialties Business Development Manager, Colin Fisher: “We have combined all the features required for sandwich pack lidding into one film to offer a competitive alternative to the other substrates currently available on the market.”

The new film was developed at Surface Specialties’ €12m Research & Development Centre at Wigton, UK, one of the most advanced of its kind in the industry.

It is anticipated that PropaLid™ will be the first of a series of lidding film developments to take advantage of the unique properties of BOPP film combined with Surface Specialties’ coating expertise.

The advantages of ‘bubble’ produced BOPP for labels is the film’s balanced orientation which gives high machine direction stiffness and tensile strength for high speed conversion, die-cutting and matrix stripping.