Things really get under way on 2 and 3 September 2010, because that’s when the first Global Inspiration Days event kicks off in Lucerne, Switzerland. As one of the industry’s leading innovators, the Cham Paper Group has created a new, international platform to foster innovation and networking. High-calibre personalities will meet up at the two-day event to discuss topics related to the keynote theme for the Global Inspiration Days: ‘Between More & Less’.

Business is becoming increasingly competitive as time to market gets shorter and shorter. State-imposed sustainability measures and new market pressures call for ongoing innovation as price sensitivity continues to rise. Individual factors in the value-added chain are becoming more and more interdependent, as new forms of cooperation open up a wealth of hitherto unexploited potential. New ways of thinking at corporate management level are indispensable. Innovation takes place when widely diverse disciplines bring in their own view of the world. When this happens, forms of cooperation unfold that open up new opportunities and areas of the market along the entire value-added chain. At the same time, we continually need to strike a balance ‘Between More & Less’.

“As one of the industry’s leading innovators, we have made it our objective to build up a meaningful and innovative discussion and networking platform. Because the ability to innovate has a crucial influence on the present and future success of any company,” says Peter Studer, CEO of the Cham Paper Group, “it’s very important for us that participants really do generate value-added and exclusive know-how at the forum. This is why the key topics will be further discussed during the workshops.”

The forum for decision-makers

Exclusive know-how, enormous networking potential, active dialogue and an exchange on corporate topics: the first Global Inspiration Days will bring together the consumer goods, industrial release and digital imaging industries. The forum in Lucerne on 2 and 3 September will be an opportunity for leading decision-makers from a wide range of commercial backgrounds along the entire value-added chain to swap ideas with reputable specialists about the trends of tomorrow. Around 150 participants from all over the world are expected to attend.

Well-known speakers and panellists

On the first day of the forum Dr David Bosshart, trend and commercial researcher, and CEO of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI), will look at the megatrends in the conflicting priorities that exist ‘Between More & Less’ with a view to the markets of tomorrow. He will also explain prevailing theories on the key topics of the forum – sustainability, leadership and partnership – which will be discussed further in the ensuing panel discussion. This promises to be a very exciting event, as we have managed to bring together a panel of well-known and respected specialists: Dr phil. Daniele Ganser, historian and president of ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas) Switzerland, Isabelle Welton, CEO of IBM Switzerland, and Dr Stephen King, portfolio manager and head of innovation support with Nestlé R&D.

Dr Luca Mastroberardino, managing director and press spokesman with Phonak Switzerland, will open the second day of the forum with a best-case presentation entitled ‘Life is on’. He will explain how Phonak, the industry’s global leader, has used challenge as an opportunity, describing the quantum leap required to transform the hearing aid, with all the stigma attached to it, into a multimedia lifestyle product with added value. The closing talk, designed to inspire and open up new horizons for our participants, will be given by out-of-the-box thinker and world-famous management expert, professor of economics and best-selling author, Dr Kjell A Nordström.

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